WTS: AI Generated Wins - AZ 10/27


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Jan 23, 2021

-I tried using the bing image generator to create an amusing victory over the kings with Keller scoring the winning goal and it ........somehow put in him in a Florida Panthers looking jersey circa 2015 so do with that what you will.


-And it spit out one of McBain in the old version of our uniforms for some reason.....completely unprompted. With like a crown on the ice that he stole....


—And a King that is morphing into a ref? Or vice versa; difficult to tell.


-Almost 2-0 there. Copley was in another zip code.
-Loving this 60% shooting percentage. Hit the showers Copley
—That's what happens here to people who can't spell Phoenix.
——Or still call us Phoenix when we’re Arizona.
-Dirty Durzi with that drive! Nice goal
-Hahahahaha SEAN MCDURZI!
-Durzi Makar
-Goal horn is gonna need new batteries. Kings fans have been trashing Durzi, they can shove it
—Durzi has been great for us, amazing offensively and not remotely as bad in defence as all the Kings fan said
-Yesss YESSS eat a **** LA
-Don’t get sloppy now, step on their throats
-Well, it was a great first 10 mins. I can do without the final 10 mins...need to get momentum back and let's put up a touchdown or better against the Kings.
-Well, we've forgotten how to play hockey in the 2nd period so far.
-I start watching and we start sucking, probably just a coincidence.
—I also blame you for the Diamondbacks.
-f*** fellas, we can't lose this one
-f*** f*** f*** f*** f*** f***! Time out here Bear.
-I'm gonna need to bing image generate like a snake choking on a coyote or something to represent this night so far


-What an embarrassment. Heads firmly in asses.
-We are bouncing back though you heard it here first
—This did not age well…screw me for having hope lol
-Tonight is a night that you’re reminded, as an AZ sports fan, that in the end…you always end up eating the turd.
-Who the hell do they think they are that they can go to sleep for 40 minutes? Losers.


-I can’t say enough how much I hated that game after the first 10 minutes. Flashbacks to the gutless Tocchet days. Embarrassing effort.
-We were just passing into their sticks all night, the effort was good but the execution was way off. Kempe, Kopitar, and Daughty showed once again how good they are. I really love how Kempe plays hockey, and I hate he's a king. I want one of him.
-Honestly, I'm not even sweating this loss as a fan. Kings are a team led by future HOFers. We're a young team, and the mark of a young team is losing games you should win. But this is the kind of failure that will inform our success in the long run. We'll get better because of tonight.
—I’m not sweating it either…but after watching the Dbacks blow game one in the 9th inning and then switching over to a 4-2 game to watch that finish was….not enjoyable haha.
That 2nd image is rather haunting. And I like the 1 handed Stanley Cup grab, like he shot the game winner in, with the cup, in the 8th game in 8th overtime.

——Or still call us Phoenix when we’re Arizona.

Guilty as charged.

Coyotes are gonna be real good in a year or two.
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Once again, thank you so much for making these threads! Love them!
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