WTS: Cooley Fines - AZ 11/20


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Jan 23, 2021
Really not much out there for this game. Everything here pulled from hfboards and Reddit. So glad to be done with AZ - and a sweep to boot.


-Just win, that's my only criteria. I want to get out of December in at least a wild card spot. We're out of the pick accumulation stage and need to keep pushing the team to new heights. We can miss the playoffs, but I want to be in it through December.
-tough draw tonight. Kings pretty good.


-Lucky we're not down 2.
There it is.
-We should fine Cooley $5,000 every time he tries a back hand pass
-Uuugh. Cooley turns it over, then pursues the man he turned it over to and the ice he vacated winds up being where the goalscorer goes. Ooof tough shift.
-Zucker zucks
-Unreal how we’re scoreless after that period.
-Wish Nasher would stop glazing Kopitar
—Every game he does this for the opposing team. He’s particularly homer for the Kings though.
-coyotes fold up like a lawn chair against LA’s forecheck
-Maybe I should take the night off since the team’s gotten into the habit of doing that
-My goodness can we please convert some of our break aways?!
-Ugh. I might be done for the night after that Moore goal. This game is quicksand. Bad puck luck, near misses, unable to convert chances
-14 minutes for LA without a shot…Chelli must have felt bad for em’. Character move….
-Dubois is an idiot lol
—I thought it was hilarious.


-Man it would’ve been really fun if Cooley was as good this year as we were hoping. Like just our luck that we actually have a hyped guy and he of course isn’t quite as good as we hoped. Other teams have a hyped up guy and they’re great. Good things happen to other teams. Other teams fans get to have lots of fun. We don’t though
-Kings are better. A lot better.
-Overall, I think we played as well against a pretty good team. The difference was, 3 turnovers wound up in our net. LA made some mistakes, we had at least 3 break aways but we didn't score on any of them. They made us pay, we didn't make them pay
The last commenter is a wise person. The Yotes are on an upswing trajectory, but most fans just can't see that yet. A couple more good rookies next season and they'll be right in the hunt.
I like their team. They sb in the hunt this yr if the jets don't play to their ability.
It's tough to dislike the Yote's fans. Even going back to the 2012 WCF, they were mostly even keel.

I don’t think even keel describes the way their fans acted when they lost. I get the they thought Brown’s hit was dirty (it wasn’t) but throwing garbage on the ice, especially in that particular moment, was tasteless. That was a special moment and it is tainted by that memory. Besides, it was pretty obvious which team was the better team. (I think it’s also fair to point out that they were only there because Raffi Torres made that dirty hit on Hossa and because the Predators took a dump in the second round)

(REVISED - although - can't fix this line. Technology is fun)) - Logan Cooley is 19 years old...and 'yote fans are bitching about him. Who freaking rags on a young player who was drafted high?

Oh yeah...LA Kings fans on Byfield ...who just turned 21....yet "we should have drafted Stutzle....blah...blah...blah."

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