WTS: Goal of the Year - CLB 2/20


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Jan 23, 2021
Only 2 pages on HF Boards but some good stuff pulled from here: https://www.jacketscannon.com

No pregame - not enough comments.


-Great work by Gaudreau to get that goal!
(Pending review)
Yeah, never mind, Jenner clearly shoved the defender into the Talbot.
-Only way Johnny can score is if we cheat.
-I miss Gavvy. He'd look good with the Russian kids.
-This game reminds me how much more size the Jackets need in the top of the lineup.
-WOW, what a goal from Byfield
—I'm not even mad. That was impressive.
—Goal of the year candidate....
-Great play, but if Z plays through Byfields hands instead of trying to take the puck it never happens.
—There's always a mistake in a great goal. that's how they happen. You play the high-percentage play and he pulls off the low-percentage move first. That's the recipe to every highlight goal.
-Intercourse PLD.
-Oh, look, the quitter got a goal
-Banks must still be open in LA
-Cmon folks. Lets face it. Elvis sucks.
—Let's face it. You have your scapegoat, and you won't accept any alternative explanations.
——My primary scapegoat for the performance of the team this season is unemployed, so I'll not talk about him anymore. My secondary scapegoats for this team have all been dead for several years, so I'll speak no ill of them.
-The quitter got another goal
-If Dubois gets a hattie against us I'll...really not be that surprised, at this point.
-Is Zach just more snakebit than a Church of Lord Jesus with Signs Following preacher with a sinful mind, or is he fighting off a ton of rust from missing last season?
-Is it “I do drugs because I’m a Jackets fan” or “I’m a Jackets fan because I do drugs.”

Post game:

-Outplayed,out skilled,out coached…Theme for the season…
-The former Staples Center is a HUGE barn and it wasn't a sellout but still a fun crowd. The most diverse crowd I've seen at a hockey game, which is awesome. Not surprising for LA, but unusual for hockey. The league should highlight that more. Credit to the DJ for playing nothing but bangers. Not a single crappy pop-punk cover of a good song to be found. I'm not surprised the Blue Jackets got wrecked but I'm still mad about it. I showed up, why couldn't they? This was my first in-person game in just over 2 months, and I'm seeing all of the same issues now that I saw then.
-Is it “I do drugs because I’m a Jackets fan” or “I’m a Jackets fan because I do drugs.

lol - both of course

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