WTS: Kraken @ Kings... meh


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Jun 23, 2010
Sorry this is so late. Just got back from out of town, haven't even watched the game yet. Once again Seattle's fan base disappoints.

Pre Game
I miss the baseball-type scheduling of the pandemic year, so this week is going to be fun for me.

Alright let's be not bad tonight

This one is going to be really interesting.

Those Kings warm up jerseys are hideous

These Kings warmup jerseys are the stupidest things I've seen since the Steelers' Bumblebee unis.
?What do you think of their alternates with the metallic silver helmets? Those are ugly but I can't look away for some reason.
?Those helmets are still better than Vegas' gold ones

Shiny helmets are hideous

When all of these crypto companies crash and burn in a couple of years these teams may lose a good chunk of sponsorship money.
?Yeah not sure how long Crypto.com will be around. Already have had 30mil stolen from them by hackers, which seems to be a common thing among these institutions
?How long will greedy people take advantage of stupid people?
?Until the universe slowly dies cold and empty

Climate Pledge vs Crypto.com. there's a joke in there somewhere?
??We suck your carbon? or some such

i'm gonna get so high here soon i can't wait to watch this game.
?"We in that sunshine state where the bomb-ass hemp be"

I would not have expected it to be pronounced "Pouly-ott".

I feel like I felt at the start of the season where I'm having to look up who has what number to figure out who's on the ice.

Where?s Blackwell? Oh wait?
?Too soon...

That was one of the least surprising goals of the year.

I guess you could say there's lots of room for improvement in the next period. Don't know what else there is to say about the first period.

Well we can't be any worse next season.

Kraken 4-13-0 in the division. I thought the division was supposed to be weak this year?
?I think it ended up being slightly better than people thought but we also are not good

I liked how Pouilot defended there.
But yeah. This game is tough. Too much talent on the Kings..
?Kings don't have too much talent it is just that we have none.
?Toemato Tomahto

I'd both love and hate to see the time on attack numbers here?
?If we spent three minutes in the offensive zone I'd be shocked.

Losing 4 out of every 5 face-offs and getting doubled up on shots.

Every other team on the PP: clear concise plan of attack.
Us on the PP: how do I hockey?

The fact that we're 3/4 of the way through the season and the power play still looks like five headless chickens is disconcerting.

?I'm starting to think we got a really good deal on Sprong
?I like this new guy.
?Sprong has as many Kraken goals as Donskoi
?Poor Donskoi.

No pressure Daniel Sprong, but we're going to need you to score all our goals.

Hakstol emotion sighting!

TIL Hakstol has emotions

hakstol is alive!

Eberle is not worth half of what they're paying him.

Something about hearing that these players are my age makes me feel very unsuccessful lmao
?It doesn?t get better
?I was talking to my husband about how f***ing old Eberle seems. We looked up his age. He?s like 2 months older than I am. When did I get so old???

This is what drudgery must feel like to the players-- a fair amount of time left in a game you know you won't win.

I enjoy watching Adam Larsson murder souls.

The brain power on our team is not high

I can't wait for Seattle to get a hockey team!
?Bad hockey is better than no hockey, imo
?Challenge accepted

**** these refs

Kings pp vs Kraken PK: Stoppable force vs moveable object

Middle finger goal!!!

That one was definitely not fun.

Post Game
I hope they get the goalie issue solved by next season.
That and the defense.
?Are we making XMAS lists???
I would like to add coaching and more talented players to the list as well.
?I'll add cheaper tickets.
?Don't forget the offense.

Lost in the score is Gru actually played good. Amazing offense tho from the kings and capitalizing on mistakes from the Kraken. Sprong is a pleasant surprise
?While true about Gru, I'm getting tired of this being said after so many games.
The team is really making him look a lot worse on paper than he really is playing.

How dirty was that hit on McCann? I thought [strikethrough]it was the dirtiest hit I?ve ever seen and he should be suspended for life[/strikethrough] it looked like he intentionally pushed him into the boards from behind, but my wife thought it looked accidental.
?Looked like his glove got pinched in Mcanns girdle

I am shocked that our boys did not defeat the playoff-bound Kings.
Surely we are better than this.
Damn refs.

I really do not like playing the Kings. Let?s do it again on Monday.
The fact that we're 3/4 of the way through the season and the power play still looks like five headless chickens is disconcerting.

I just LOL-ed for like a minute. Probably because this could also apply to our PP.

No pressure Daniel Sprong, but we're going to need you to score all our goals.

Not sure why Sprong has been bounced around so much (he's on his 4th team in 8 seasons) ....seems to be pretty good wherever he goes but never sticks.
Sadly wondering if there's a WTS thread on the Seattle boards right now. :(

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