WTS: MacK Pouty Boo Boo - COL 12/3


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Jan 23, 2021
MacKinnon got absolutely roasted on the Avs boards last night. These posts are a very small sample size. A bit surreal to read that much spite from a fan base about one of the best forwards in the league, though it’s easy to be hardest on those you love the most. Or maybe they don’t love him at all!

Non hfboard content pulled from:



-O/U on shots against tonight? Going with 46 to Avs 18


-That really didn’t go in?
-Georgie's economy of motion on that was genius. He knew that wasn't going in.
-I don't think that's onsides. But they dropped it!
-How do you say "WAKE THE f*** UP" in Finnish?
—Herää virtu
——Heraa vittu Mikko!!!!!
-They really paced themselves that period...a lot of neutral zone trapping and dumping the puck. Seems like they know that the Kings want to play run and gun and we simply won't have the legs to that for 60 minutes. Good first period, all things considered.
-Palffy is flying out there.
-Considering we are playing one of the best teams in the league on a back to back without Makar...this has been a pretty good performance so far
-Just turned the game on. Does Makar have a point?
—He's PPN. Point Per Nacho
-Dangit Cale the Frail is out again? When is he going to develop a muscular strong manly frame like Quinn Hughes?
-I admit I do like Mikko leaning over #8 there screaming at him to f*** off.
-f***. Refs ignoring penalties, and Queens score
-That's all because MacKinnon decided to look back and complain. Penalty or not, you can't do that. Cost his team a goal.
-MacK pouty boo-boo? MacK pissed, stops skating, forgets what forechecking is, remembers... while his guy buries one. Got it.
-Mackinnon crying to the ref right before the Kings score is everything that pisses me off about Mackinnon. He doesnt get that call because he screeches at refs. He has a rep of this now.
-Gawd- kings breakaways becoming a common thing. Georgie up to the task so far.
-This 3rd period is gonna be rough. Boys are gonna run out of juice.
-Not a great start to the period. Getting outshot 9-1 this period and now a penalty
-Quick is on fire
-Tatar has a ECHL caliber shot.
-What a weak ass shot by Tatar. I was able to make a sandwich between the time he released that and Talbot made the save.
-Playing a picture perfect road 3rd period so far. As little offensive zone pressure as possible.
-Holy **** this is f***ing embarrassing
-Byfield just beat like 3 of our guys behind the net.
-I'm gonna laugh (but also be very angry) if we lose 3 straight in OT.
—Losing this one in OT would feel like a win
-When Mackinnons physical gifts leave him hes going to be one of the worse players in the league. Just low IQ all the time.
-Everyone saw that coming.
-Nice goal but terrible celebration
-This is gonna end 4-1
-Can’t pin this one on Georgie. That was a strong move and shot by Moore.
-Starts with Jack Johnson losing the puck
-Team without Makar is a different animal. A dead animal.


-Wish this one wasn’t a road B2B. The kings are interesting and clearly good, but they’ve been way out scoring their advanced metrics over the last 10. Play through the first 2 makes me think they aren’t as much of a wagon as the national hype train wants them to be.
-Kings are better team than the Avs. When Makar and Lehky are healthy it's closer, but Kings might still be better.
-Should the Avs get suspended for only scoring once on cam Talbot?
-Sacriligious I know....... but how many Kings goals began with a miscue play from MacKInnon? (Focus on where the turnover, give away or repossession of the puck started, not the actual goal scoring play that was executed.) I count three.
-The Kings play the Avs sticks in the close in battles while the Avs play (and lose) the puck. They line up on the puck so well on the D and block/deflect passing attempts and shots. That's good coaching and repetition.
-Quick is on fire

teehee. Talbs really is. MacKinnon giveth and he taketh away apparently.
-Palffy is flying out there.

LOL, oh Fiala.
Thank you so much for doing these threads, love them!!
Did they bring up Flinn too?


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