WTS: Rivals - SEA - 12/16


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Jan 23, 2021
The Sharks message boards were spare and boring. They know they’re tanking and there’s not much entertainment to be had there. Apart from the fairly pervasive F*** LA, you wouldn’t even know the Sharks were playing the Kings.

Since I missed SEA, I went back and those comments are way better. Many of their fans apparently see the Kings as a major rival. Personally I just think of that Madmen scene where the kid in the elevator tells Don Draper how much he hates him, and Don just says, “I never think about you at all.”

So ahead of tonight’s game, here’s a much-delayed WTS from a…division opponent. Non hfboards and reddit comments pulled from:

Kraken vs. Kings GAMETHREAD


-I never look forward to playing LA anymore. For the past three or four years, they seem a team without a personality, just a random collection of players with the same jerseys.
-so whats a Tatar and is he any good? i usually like Tatars. Boil 'em. Mash'em. Stick'em in a stew....
-My cat just found a random pepperoni on the kitchen floor and is STOKED about it. I hope that’s what this game is like for the Kraken.


-Overall a solid period in my book, though only 3 shots is not great. LA has some pretty crisp passing in our zone, they need to stay sharp.
-4 SOG for us almost mid-way through the game. What the heck.
-Maybe that penalty by Borgen comes back to bite us but I am ok with the penalty. Let the Kings know that they cannot just be physical and get away with it.
-I know the NHL wants a rivalry between us and Vegas, but it feels like there is always a lot more bad blood when we play the Kings.
—Honestly the only team that has more bad blood with the Kraken is Colorado. And that’s mostly because of the playoffs. Kings have been a hive of festering maggots against us since year 1.
-Just a used toilet wipe of a team, the Kings are.
-Honestly haven’t seen zone entries this bad since Jason Biggs in American Pie.
-I didn’t know the Grinch was a Kraken fan.
—Pretending to hate things that everyone else loves? He’s definitely from Seattle or Portland.
-I must say. It’s nice not seeing that damn Amazon commercial with the mustache lady.
-Fiala shoots the puck at the linesman after being called for offsides…surely that should be a penalty?
-Right now I would take a single point from this game and run like a thief.
-Y’all blaming the ref don’t know hockey. He committed multiple penalties. Lucky there was only one called.
-Can the Attendants please kick those idiot fans pounding on the Glass or remove the first 2 rows of seats so they can't do that its a distraction and must be fun for the Fans behind eh!!!
-Kings only have one loss on the road this season? Shoot, I'll take a point.


-We wasted a fine performance by Daccord who gave us a real chance to win in regulation
-Games like this happen. I am glad about the overall effort. Daccord gave us a chance. Bjorkstrand took us to OT. It was a game against a tough and good team.
Wow, that's a lot of animosity - Have they even existed long enough to have those strong feelings?

^^ This is precisely how I feel about the imaginary squids.
“Imaginary Squids” that’s awesome!

Yeah, I don’t think they really understand what makes a rivalry yet.
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