WTS Thread


Are we going to get one today? Would love to see what they are saying. Post game interview with Ecklund, keeps saying we got lucky bounces. He said, they pretty much had puck possession most of the game. How about Talbot made some HUGE saves to give the Kings a chance in OT?

Onto Game 3 baby! I will be with you all in spirit! GO KINGS GO!
Skinner 5 goals on 26 shots is absolutely brutal. Pure trash
If they don’t play better defensively as a team, it’s gonna be tough.

1st, I'm east coast and late 50's... I'm going to have to quit watching late Playoff Hockey live and instead record and enjoy with my morning coffee. 2nd, LA pressed hard (which everyone knew they would) from the get go and tried to get Edmonton unbalanced (which they did. McDavid tried to get to cute with some of his moves such as the blind shoulder pass and whatever that was late with him taking on 4 Kings at once down into their zone. That stuff isn't gonna work no matter who you are. 3rd, the Kings made plays (everyone diving into the crease to stop the puck) and the Reff's made questionable No-Calls (too many men on the Ice). Lets see what happens in LA!

It's pretty simple. LA adjusted thier game and Edmonton didn't. But

Here is a few gems.. gotta get ready for work. Go Kings Go!!
Last night glancing through the GDT on HFB. Most EDM fans blame Skinner generally for the loss, and Nurse specifically for Kopi's goal. They also seem universally resigned to the fact that with Skinner in net, they're not winning the cup.
82 pages on hf boards, I think I am going to lose IQ reading all these....

Oil will come out fast and score three in the first. Team is too motivated and too talented for the Kings this year.
You know that LA is going to be hungrier and likely dirtier tonight. The boys need to deliver another 60-minute effort and get this series ended fast.
Kings hey….

More like THE STINKS!!!

The Oilers have never swept a team in my lifetime, and based on my research, it looks like the last time they did it was against LA in 1990.
If the Oilers are gonna have a shot at winning Bouchard needs to stay back more and play defense.
Feels neat knowing that opposing fans think we are so good we'll just waltz straight on to the cup. I'll take the compliment.
If I was a King I’d be sick and tired of regressed Doughtys constant bitchin n moanin

Why is Kissel allowed to hickify the American anthem like this?
How is this f***ing clown still allowed in the building, nevermind doing some sh*tty rendition of the anthem?
Why in the f*** do they keep inviting that moron to sing the US anthem?!?
Talbot mental breakdown incoming.

Our favorite Swede takes an early lead:
Kempe owns the Oilers
Oilers think they have it won already or something? Hopefully this was a wake up call.
Foegele is a brain dead player sometimes. Just flys the zone without grabbing the puck
Thanks for the bad luck, Brett Kissell. You loser bitch.

Oilers fans can't believe people go by nicknames:
Also why does an adult go by "Mikey" lol

Kempe makes it 2-0:
Holy f*** Bouchard looks bad and old playoff Skinner is back tonight
They may be the luckiest team on earth
Now it's probably over. 1-3-1 to a win
f*** Blake and his dead puck era dogshit hockey

Mikey Anderson goes stack pad save at the line:
Kings just fill the net with there players...no way to score like that
Can't see sh*t because Mikey is laying on it.
So you can just dogpile your own net when there’s a loose puck? f*** off
Wtf is Doubty doing touching Mcdavid when they're talking to the reffs? He's just a genuine piece of trash and I can't wait until he retires

Bouchard is the new whipping boy:
Bouchard is dopey tonight
That's 3 breakdowns where the principal culprit is Bouchard, including the last chance. f***ing wake up dude.

Kulak tightens the lead to 1:
Need more kulak less bouchard
Oilers can win this kings are not a great team

Donuts says not so fast, back to a 2 goal lead:
Get Skinner out. What the f*** was that
Why the f*** are they taunting Talbot. Its SO typical this happens. Idiots
Make that f***er eat his last 3 teeth
Skinner will sink this ship. No doubt about it
Lucky goal again in some respect but lmao
People mad at skinner when doughty has a breakaway.
How does Doughty get a breakaway? f***ing garbage!!!
Typical game against the Kings. They barely have anything remotely resembling a scoring chance, yet it seems like they constantly get these strange bounces.

30 pages down, 52 to go, I'll post the 2nd/3rd/OT later to clear my brain out.
Yes - thank you CrossTown.

I will pull from Oilers Nation tonight after work and add to the fun. They’re a whiney bunch.
The too many men that wasn't too many men:
Oh wait they're going to ignore the too many men, for f*** sakes
It's all that satanic ritual sh*t they do down there.
Lol. When too many men isn't too many men, when the Oilers need a powerplay

1st intermission:
Some of you guys are insufferable as soon as adversity hits.
It’s only one period, boys have come back from far worse deficits than this. We will come back and win this one.
Oilers do this every playoffs. They did it against LA last year and year before. They aren’t a “put your foot on the throat” type team
Skinner is currently .878 sv% in his playoff career so far. We could have 6 Prongers on our blueline and we couldn't win with that.
Kenny Holland really got paid 25 million USD to run with Smith, Smith, Smith, Skinner, Skinner in his 5 playoffs as the GM hahaha
Alright we let them have fun now time to kick cali ass ...I want to see drew crying in the corner

2nd period:
No fair! Talbot stopped a breakaway!
Oilers win game 1? Activate California reffing!
McLeod would be an all star if he didn't have boat paddles for hands.
Is there a game going on or just a bunch of people crying that Skinner let in a breakaway goal? God this place sucks. Fans would rather be right than cheer for the team to win in the playoffs. Just a bunch of petty children here now.

Holloway makes it a 1 goal game:
There ya go. Shoot on this sieve. Great shot Holloway.Didn't work hard enough, so probably shouldn't count, but huge goal. Keep pushing
Holloway is gonna score 25+ next year

Laferriere is the name of a player in NHL 2012 that is a slight spelling adjustment to make EA sports seem like they created a new player name.
Oilers are so much better its not even funny. Kings only score on bounces and giveaways, even the breakaway goal was weird and flukey.
Man, the Kings are a bunch of p***yes.
The same stupid crowd that endorses Brett Kissell is generating bad juju by jeering at the other goalie while still down in the game....

Hyman ties it up:
f*** Ya. Surgical puck movement against an aggressive PK. Amazing goal.
Oooooh its beautiful. Eat that queens
What the hell you guys told me this game/series was over like 20 minutes ago
LA can’t feel good giving up that lead. They’re shook right now. Time to put them away.
They gotta be pissing their pants right now. So much free sh*t given to them this series by bad luck and bad breakdowns. And they have nothing to show for It.
Hopefully the Kings used up their hail Mary lucky crap goals
Skinner will blow it. Zero faith in him now.
"If I was a King I’d be sick and tired of regressed Doughtys constant bitchin n moanin"
- ummm, what about McDavid's bitchin n moanin? Like all game long.

"Make that f***er eat his last 3 teeth"
- Bahahahaha
This is one comment I found on Facebook.. I don’t want to get a bad reputation eh😉

You got a bounce from the hockey gods even a broken clock is right twice a day. See you in LA! Let’s go Oilers!

Guess that broken clock was right five times yesterday. :cool:
Last few minutes of the 2nd:
Skinner will blow it. Zero faith in him now.
Soft f***ing call again damn. Gotta start falling down easy I guess
Perry, you’re an Oiler now. That sh*t gets called against you, not for you
f***ing Dubois is good for something
Arvidsson is really good at preventing clearing attempts.
Nurse buddy, Hyman does all that work and you just stand there and watch. Move your feet help out.

Powerplay with 2 min to go in the 2nd:
Talbot you sick f***
McDavid just refuses to shoot.
What a save. Kings PK looks like the Keystone Cops spinning around in circles trying to make a play (ed:it's Kops)
IF the Kings win this game, unless they have a big 3rd, you can pin it on goaltending.

2nd Intermission:
Do not let this game go to overtime.
They came back at least, against LA who are excellent usually with the lead. Still hating Bouchard's game.. f***ing guy makes so many lackadaisical plays, and doesn't seem to really care to clean his sh*t up. But at least they managed to claw back.
#1 question in LA is where is Fiala. Its apt. He's just awful. Doing nothing. Kings don't even have the PP with him on ice. No way he should be on a first unit PP.

3rd period:
How the f*** is that not called? Kempe takes out Nurse's feet and it's right in front of the f***ing refs.

Where is Fiala? Scoring from the boards to take the lead!:
Can't give up that goal. Skinner needs to help his team.
Pull Skinner now. The guy is garbage. Costing this team games every single time he's in the net.
Louie trying to pump that goal as some kind of great shot is puke worthy. What a sh*t goal.
Is it to late to call up Campbell.....
That was an absolute horrendous goal. He was up towards the blue line against the wall. Terrible
Of course talbot is literally tretiak compared to skinner.

Then "Hollywood" Holloway ties it right back up:
This kid is dy no mite.
I dunno 4 goals against a game is a lot... a lot of luck with this Kings team on many of their goals... but at some point you gotta keep some out.
Hollywood has arrived baby, to kill Hollywood
I had some questions about Holloway’s finishing ability at this level, but he’s starting to win me over.
Who bet me Holloway would have a bigger impact in the playoffs than McLeod and Kane?

Look at Skinner's body language. That's what people are missing. He doesn't look confident. He's not fighting and battling. He's just sitting there hoping the puck hits him. He looks so small in net right now.
I'm glad I don't have any heart or blood pressure issues.
Very scared of Skinner in net right now. Feels like an “anything that can go in, will go in” kind of night.
Every LA shot has me on the edge of my seat. Wish I had more faith in Skinner.
Late as hell on that hit by byfield. f*** that guy.
Jack Campbell with 5 GA against LA's AHL affiliate. He is not the answer lol
Hyman concusses that French f***. LFG
Danault gets ROCKED. Eye for an eye motherf***ers.
Hymans shoulder looked good on Danault's face
I wanna see Doughty lose another tooth by the end of the series

Their princess holds PLD:
Good f***ing god. They’ve called every possible ticky tack sh*t on the oilers all game.
If that's a penalty the Kings would never leave the box.
Insane that McDavid himself wouldn’t draw that penalty but yet he will get called for it. No “Lebron treatment” in the NHL, that’s for sure
All that Dubois is good for apparently, drawing lame penalties
Byfield with a gold chain with his first initial Q, lol. Turd.
Need to score now or you know LA is gonna get some ticky-tack bullshit goal in OT.

The turd with the gold chain redirects a clearing pass to Kopi who hits his 3rd playoff OT goal....:
Skinner didn’t make a single big save.
f***ing loser
Start Pickard.
Wow…. Cant believe we lost like this. Depressing
First chance in. Of course.
Why is our third line out there against THE ONLY LINE THE KINGS HAVE. Jesus Knob
f*** off. How’s he left so open.

Kane just watching that pass develop the whole way.
Blame the goalie.
No. That's bullshit. The goalie is part if the problem of course, but you can't give Anze Kopitar and Drew Doughty breakaways and win. That's 2 hall of famers, and we just let them waltz in. Unacceptable.

Cody Ceci, doing Cody Ceci things. What an awful read. Where do we find these defenseman from ? The lack of spacial awareness and logic in Overtime is astounding.

I am fairly new here and its hard to take anything positive from this game in regards to some of our defensemen and Goaltending.

Kings have all the momentum, the revenge factor is there and pride on the line. This could end up really bad for the Oilers now.
You think Canucks fans are whiny? They have nothing on Deadmonton fans, who make Canucks fans seem like Blue Jackets fans in comparison (by BJ fans we mean nice and respectful). Their WTS ripped from Oilers Nation here tells you all we need to know about Deadmonton fans. I don't know who I hate more: Edmonton or Vegas. As much as I have hatred for all our rival teams within our division, Deadmonton now takes the list for most hated team among us Kings fans thanks to the insufferably entitled, super-whiney culture that their fans have built up for the past several years that rivals only Toronto as well as the [L]east Coast teams in terms of insufferable behavior.