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This month's 300th issue of FANGORIA is a must have. A primer of the top 300 horror must sees by staff and stars. Even I am scribbling a list of flicks I have to check out.
Mindflesh (UK DVD) | Horror Movie, DVD, & Book Reviews, News, Interviews at Dread Central

Now, if this all sounds a bit weird, that?s because it sure as **** is. Apparently based around Buddhist philosophy, Mindflesh holds its own as a total head**** during the initial act, before evolving into something much more challenging and provocative: a sensory nightmare worthy of Cronenberg and Barker. Director Robert Pratten uses every single trick he can with the limited budget, while deftly avoiding visual clich?, to keep his audience as disoriented and discombobulated as the protagonist. Disturbing and affecting imagery abounds -- such as, the bald, white-eyed, naked and bloody Goddess falling into the gently caressing arms of the lead while the chilling score whisks what you are witnessing straight into the aforementioned Barker territory; or an ensnared and gagged Jackson held by his captors using intestine-like tendrils attached to his abdominal growths, while digital hourglasses chronicle the imminent deaths of his friends.


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