Ian Fraser 'Lemmy' Kilmister...A LEGEND


Sep 17, 2006

A legend, an Icon...has passed.
'Everything louder than everything else!'
"We want to be the band that if we moved in next door to you, your lawn would die"

A life well lived.

Wurzel and Philthy are saving him a barstool and that bar damn well better be stocked.

Raise a glass of Jack, fire up a heater...AND PLAY IT LOUD!!!!!!!!
God Bless you sir for all you were! Rock and Roll is a lesser thing without your presence.
Yeah man, after he walked off stage a few months back, I figured he was done.
Rip Lemmy!
The Lemmy Biography is interesting for sure....and while I was never much of a fan, by all accounts he was a cool guy and interesting persona.

Spose this is another I should have added to my "wish I would have seen live" file along with Ray Charles and Johnny Cash.
W?rzel, Phil, and Lemmy.

Excuse me while I go drink a bottle of Jack....
My own fave Lemmy story...

Years ago, Motorhead was doing a signing at Moby Disc on Ventura...back when it was up closer to the world famous car wash. They trotted out the Killed by Death electric chair and Lemmy sat, holding court...pack of smokes and industrial strength size bottle of Jack laid out before him. My friend Joe...thought he was being clever, presenting an Ace of Spades playing card for Lemmy to scribble on. Well...he looked up. Sized up the card, sized up my friend, took a big pull of JD and belched on my friend's hand. Never said a word.

A genuine character who stayed true to himself to the end. The world is much less colorful with his loss.

He saw it coming decades ago.
Even people who don't like Motorhead's music know and love Lemmy.

****, man. Terrible loss for humanity's collective unconscious.

lemmy vs ****ing lead cenobite in a poker match for souls (presumably)

Kirk Hammett Wrote A Letter Paying His Respects To Lemmy

Back in 1979 when I was 16 years old, I heard Overkill for the first time. I thought it was the fastest thing I’d ever heard, and I declared to all my friends that Mot?rhead were the fastest band in the land.

When I had first seen pictures of what these guys looked like, I noticed a certain authenticity about them. I imagined they lived the way they looked and looked the way they lived.

And I remember very distinctly having a realization that moment — I realized that it was OK to be an outsider and that it was OK to not feel like I had to conform to anything that I objected to in my teenage life because clearly the Mot?rhead guys in this picture looked like they didn’t conform to anything at all and boy it sure looked and sounded like they were enjoying themselves as a result.
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