***LA Kings @ Arizona Coyotes EARLY START GDT 12/23/22 6:30pm on BSW***

If having Quick in net doesn't lite an absolute fire in this team to close out this run, I'll be quite disappointed.
Part 1 - 4,8

Part 2 - Which Kings player will take the first Kings penalty of the night?
Edler, Kempe, Danault
Thank you Nyssa!

Part 1: 8 or 10
Part 2: Kempe, Durzi, or Roy.

Last night in the pit so I'll miss the game tonight...
Thanks Susan and Merry Christmas LGK!!!!

1st GDT Question... going with 3 and 6.
2nd GDT Question... going with Danault, Doughty, Roy
MERRY CHRISTMAS, LGK!! And HAPPY HANNUKAH! to those still celebrating!

I'll go with 4 or 12 for the shot differential

and Fiala, Kempe, Roy for 1st penalty.

I hope the boys aren't as tired as I am from all the trips to the Crypt in the past week.

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