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Game Day Thread
Game #39/82

4:00pm Pacific on BSW


Los Angeles Kings @ Detroit Red Wings
Little Caesars Arena | Detroit, MI

Grateful Dead Night

Previous Meeting

01/04/24 -- Red Wings 4, Kings 3 (SO)


**Game Time 4:00pm**


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Phillip Danault, Anze Kopitar & Todd McLellan 1/11/24 Post-Game Quotes:

Phillip Danault
On his evaluation of tonight’s game

It’s hard to say, it could have gone either way. We played hard, I thought we played good with the lead too, so that’s probably the positive tonight. We played a good 60 minutes, you can’t say we didn’t play hard.
On the frustration of seven straight losses compared to the level of play being something to build on
Yeah, I mean we’re all pissed off that we obviously we couldn’t have a better result the last couple of games, but I think it’s a good sign, it’s a fine line and we’re right there. So, we’re just going to find a way to capitalize on our chances and keep pushing, we have no other options.
On if there’s anything he feels is lacking in 3-on-3 play right now
I mean, they got a good call, they got the power play, so I mean, it was hard there to score for us. Yeah, maybe more confidence, I’m can’t say specifically.
On the play of his line with Kevin Fiala and Trevor Moore
We’ve been steady the last couple of games. Obviously, we want to have the lead and keep playing and learn from our mistakes from last couple of games and we did that. But, at the end of the day, they are a good team too as well. So, it’s frustrating.

Danault added that he’s feeling “banged up” after leaving the game late in the first period, before returning to finish the night.

Anze Kopitar
On where he feels the team is at right now off another narrow loss

Right now, it feels like we’ve got to play a perfect game. Good or pretty good is not good enough right now, so it’ll take a team effort to get out of it. We’re getting better, we’re not as sloppy, we’re playing faster, we’re playing more physical, winning more battles, but we’ve got to find another gear to get out of this.
On if this one feels like a point lost, not a point earned
Definitely feels like a loss. Getting scored on late and obviously very late in OT. Hopefully, down the road, this point is going to be big for us, but right now, it feels like a loss.
On where he feels the confidence of the group is at right now
When you’re on a seven-game skid, the confidence is definitely not sky-high, but the thing is, it’s coming within this room to come out of the slump and get it moving in the right direction.

Todd McLellan
On his assessment of what felt like an intense and tenacious game

It was a hard-fought game. It had a high-end of intensity, a lot of physicality, a lot of battles, not a lot of empty ice, kind of the type of game you’d expect from these two teams. Unfortunately, we’re on the back end of it, but I thought we played a hell of a game and there’s a lot of good things to take from tonight.
On the balance between frustration and embracing the level of play tonight
There’s going to be an element of frustration, I’d be concerned if there wasn’t, but frustration is a pretty dangerous emotion if you don’t channel it the right way and I think our group has done a pretty good job of it. We spent the morning looking at some of the video from Tampa, the things that we did well and that we liked, obviously there were some things to clean up. We’ve got another boatload of stuff that we can show the players again today. So, when you get on a streak that’s not going your way, sometimes you’re really upset at the effort and the overall intensity of the club as a whole and we don’t have that concern right now, it’s there. Just the odd moment, the odd play both offensively and defensively that we’ve got to find a way to make it go our way.
On the level of play and determination from Phillip Danault tonight
For the type of contact he had and then he had the period break to kind of get his wits about him and he came back and played a strong game. We need all of those guys, those character guys, to be producing right now. You don’t even have to be on the ice to be helping, you can be on the bench and patting a guy and helping them out and Phil’s real good in that area.
On what he’s seeing in 3-on-3 situations right now
We’re not scoring on our opportunities. We had some chances here tonight, right off the bat I think Kempe had a couple pretty good shots on goal and then the penalty puts us in a bad spot, now we’re playing for a shootout we’re 0.7 seconds away. So, I don’t know if it matters that it was lost in overtime or it didn’t give us a chance at the shootout, but I don’t see anything 3-on-3. We’ve had a couple overtime nights where a bad change or a bad pass created a turnover but we’re not scoring goals easily right now, whether it’s 5-on-5, 4-on-4, 3-on-3 or the shootout. So, those have to come eventually.


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"So, I don’t know if it matters that it was lost in overtime or it didn’t give us a chance at the shootout, but I don’t see anything 3-on-3. We’ve had a couple overtime nights where a bad change or a bad pass created a turnover but we’re not scoring goals easily right now, whether it’s 5-on-5, 4-on-4, 3-on-3 or the shootout. So, those have to come eventually."