***LA Kings @ Detroit Red Wings GDT 10/17/22 4:00pm on BSW***

Love the new GDT format, thank Nyssa

1 or 3 goals tonight
Always love Wings unis. So nice to see some bright color out on the ice.
That's on Durzi. Bonehead move
Durzi trying to be a forward again with the drag move results in an odd man attack
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Durzi…. Ugh… he is a turnover machine. And they almost always become an outnumbered attack the other way.
Keep up that control on the powerplay that was a great sequence with Quick pulled
Well that was crap. PP lead to good Wings momentum
I would like for Arvidsson to sit until he gets into game shape.
Kempe, looks like last year was not an illusion
Great shot by Kempe!! Good work by that whole line to keep the play going forward
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