***LA Kings @ Montreal Canadiens GDT 12/7/23 4:00pm on BSW***


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May 10, 2012

Game Day Thread
Game #23/82

>>4:00pm<< Pacific on BSW


Los Angeles Kings @ Montreal Canadiens
Bell Centre | Montreal, QC

Previous Meeting

11/25/23 -- Canadiens o, Kings 4


**Game Time 4:00pm**


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Phillip Danault, Drew Doughty & Vladislav Gavrikov 12/5/23 Post-Game Quotes:

Phillip Danault
On what he felt changed for the team between the second and third period

Just play harder and better and just play more of out game. We didn’t play well in the first two, maybe it’s because of the time change, but we definitely woke up in the third and that was better. We just took charge. All of us looked in the mirror and we got better.
On scoring three goals from the dirty areas on the ice
Yeah, be more direct. We tried to hit too many seams in the o-zone, and we started being direct and we scored some goals. Guys got tips and we just grinded. Some good shots [from the point] to tip and a great ending by Dewey.
On seeing Vladislav Gavrikov honored during the game by the Columbus fans
He’s a five-star d-man, like I’ve said the since the beginning. He’s been outstanding for us. He’s doing so many good things, it’s crazy, one of the best [defensive] sticks I’ve seen in my life, that’s for sure. To be recognized by the crowd, I’m not surprised.

Drew Doughty
On the importance of puck possession in overtime, leading into his goal

Yeah, it was a good draw, a good battle to get it back to me that’s a big part of the game. The entire 60 minutes, faceoffs are so important and our centers always do a great job, but it’s just a great comeback, that felt amazing. We didn’t have our good stuff for two periods and then we had a great start to the third and just rolled with it.
On what he felt changed for the group between the second and third periods
Well, we did exactly what the coach told us to do, which was get pucks back to the point. They had five down low, get a shot through, guys to the net, get a tip on it, get rebounds, don’t try to score from the top. That’s exactly what we did on that first shift and we just kept doing that for the whole third period.
On the Kings tying the all-time NHL record for consecutive wins to start the season
That’s amazing. I don’t think any of us are too worried about a record, we’re just coming in here to try and win games, but that’s awesome. We love playing on the road. We have a very strong team, we have full belief in every player on our team.

Vladislav Gavrikov
On getting a special moment with the fans in Columbus

Like I said before, that was a special game for me. First time coming back here and the fans treated me always nicely, I always tried to give it back. That was such a warm welcome, I really appreciated that. All of us having some good memories.
On turning things around during the third period to force overtime
We started playing more direct, tried to put some shots on net and we just got rewarded. So, it wasn’t great for us obviously, the first two periods, that wasn’t our standard, but we could turn the dial up and change momentum.
On getting shots through from the point during the comeback
I should be like that all the time, if you have a chance to shoot it. You don’t have to try to be fancy, sometimes it’s the best option to put it on net and try to find it. It’s not going to work every time, so sometimes you have to find the puck in the crease.


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**Today’s Poll Question**

At what TIME of the game will the Game Winning Goal be scored?
use the ___min:___sec of the ____ period (1,2,3,OT) format
You can also choose SO as one of your guesses
you can take 4 guesses

+/- 2:00 = 1 point, +/- 1:00 = 2 points +/- :30 = 3 points
only your closest guess counts for points
Take your best guesses in your post below

the only Prize is the glory of seeing your name in the next GDT if you get it right.

Congratulations to the many following posters who correctly guessed within +/-1 of 26 Saves and/or Gavrikov scoring 2 points:

Gavrikov 2 points (1 point):

Nyssa42, Jerram

26 Saves (2 points):
notbob, Cross Traffic, KernCoKingFan, VCRW, mugs, forum gold, katydid213, VegasHockey, waynet, Shackleford, Ice24, hihocarp, DRice, Bill Hicks, Nyssa42, hornman, JETSGARAGE

25,27 saves (1 point):
Madness20721, AngelEyes, SaltyPuck, Guinevere, DRGinLBC, Rogie-Vachon, rinkrat, Liz4LA, puckoff

Kings of the Mountain with 15 points - notbob, Rusty

14 points = Nyssa42

13 points = Cross Traffic, hornman

12 points = clif, VegasHockey

11 points = Angel Eyes, beady eye, CIrvine, Dr Tran, forum gold, hihocarp, Randdog, SirJW

10 points = JayWells24, Jerram, KHenry14, Kurisu, Liz4LA, mugs

9 points = Byron, Chateau Bow Wow, DRGinLBC, empire, Guinevere, katydid213, puckoff, Rinkrat, Salty Puck, TooCool, VCRW, waynet

8 points = dannybuoy1, DRice, pray4mojo

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6 points =

5 points = Bill Hicks, Busted Chops

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3 points =

2 points = Ice24, JETS GARAGE, Ragbone, rfischer

1 point = PuckMaster, STONE


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5:55 of the first, 2:22 of the second, 3:33 of the third, shoot out
18:33 of the 1st.
14:24 of the 2nd.
7:09 of the 3rd.
16:52 of the 3rd.

Go Kings Go!
13:36 of the 2nd.
7:17 of the 1st
18:16 of the 3rd
11:11 of the 2nd.
14:24 first
18:45 first
12:56 second
08:33 3rd

Go Kings Go!

It’s the most beautiful time of the year!


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9:00 of the 2nd
16:00 of the 2nd
4:30 of the 3rd
14:00 of the 3rd
12:32 1st
12:32 2nd
12:32 3rd
18.29 3rd
Hoping for my first points of the season. I'm kind of like Copley - I've only played about 6 games this year. hehe

15:45 of the 1st
5:30 of the 2nd
17:00 of the 2nd
8:00 of the 3rd
Thank you, Susan et al! Look who vaulted within 1 point of the lead with her 3-point night!

15:00 1st
15:00 2nd
15:00 3rd
2:30 OT

7:18 of the 2nd
9:34 of the 3rd
10:32 of the 3rd
14:55 of the 3rd
9:30 - 3rd period

12:10 -3rd period

15:20 -3rd period

Shoot out
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