Movies: Your guilty pleasures



Did we have a thread about this a while ago?

Anyway, two in two nights for me on the box and I realised my guilty pleasures have crossed the line into dirty dark secrets but still they are a pleasure for me.

Maverick with Mel Gibson and Hudson Hawk.

What are yours? Do your worst.
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The Underworld movies. Mostly for Kate Beckinsale in that outfit, but... ugh, for some reason I also just like watching them.
Universal Soldier
Godzilla (the new, awful one)

I'm sure there are plenty of others I can't think of right now.
DragonHeart, but that movie is super sweet.
oh and Sideout

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Mahogany. Staring Diana Ross, Billy Dee Williams & Anthony Perkins. That movie is so bad, but I watch it every time it is on. I can't help it.
Guilty pleasure:

I have a soft spot for the two great Murder/Mystery comedies as well:

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I will watch this any time it's on and I have it saved on my DVR. In HD.
dirty dancing. goddamn, i love that movie, but i feel a little guilty loving it. haha.
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