***Philadelphia Flyers vs. LA Kings GDT 11/11/23 7:30pm on BSW***

Grundstrom the only king to have a good game tonight.

Feels like the Kings were underestimating the Flyers after last weekend in Philly and the flyers came in focused to atone for that home ice shutout.
We have been terrible at home for years. I have no ideaa what it is. Saturday games are just like afternoon games. Alnost always a loss.

The adjustments made by Torts worked for the Flyers tonight. Todd, on the other hand, tried to do the same and it didn't for the Kings. This loss is on Todd.
I feel like TM was trying to jump start a couple guys with the line adjustments and instead flooded the engines and made both lines worse.
Agreed. He had to do something to get Dubois & Fiala going. They will figure it out but, games are where it has to
happen. Practice doesn't mean much.
Well, Bally does it AGAIN. Pre game show streams fine. Then the whole game, the stream wouldn't load. Had to to resort to a "less than kosher" means of watching. Is it any wonder those morans are going bankrupt?
Well, Bally does it AGAIN. Pre game show streams fine. Then the whole game, the stream wouldn't load. Had to to resort to a "less than kosher" means of watching. Is it any wonder those morans are going bankrupt?
Well, my stream on Ballys worked. But yeah, whoever is running Ballys doesn't know how to manage streams properly and needs to be replaced.
There is the ignore button, not that I would ignore Bill Hicks. But some might :D
I've just ignored him now. I don't have any respect at all for someone acting with the same kind of toxic behavior as that of a Cowboys fan. I'm one of the newer members here and I get treated like dog poo from a fellow veteran member upon this site just for cheering for my own team by being called a bot? When I'm a legitimate member of this site? Just who does he think he is? Isn't one of the unwritten rules of being a sports fan includes not ever attacking or disrespecting fans of the same team that you support? It's just douchebag levels of inexcusable and he crossed a line there. 😞 :fpalm:

If I ever did something like this myself, I'd automatically lose any of my credibility as a true fan and might as well forfeit my status.

Let me remind Hicks one of the rules of this site that he violated here.

"LGK Forum Rules

1. Flaming: Do not post any messages that insult, belittle, threaten or flame another member or guest. No Personal attacks. Debates are fine, but argue the point, not the person."
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I wonder if it would be tactical for me to skip home games (10:30 EST start for me) since they're hardly worth watching anyways, at least for now?
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I know Fiala is stacking up points but I’m convinced this is the worst stretch of hockey he’s played as a King. 14 games played and maybe 2 of them have been good. It might be time to move him away from Dubois. There’s just no chemistry between those two at all.

Is there chemistry between Dubois and anybody? He has a habit for coasting lazily around the ice. I don't disagree about Fiala. He's piling on points but half the team is gripping the stick as Foxy would say. Our saving grace atm is more or less consistent scoring through all 4 lines, especially thanks to Tonka and the 4th line, and Moore, who continue to impress, but a few players definitely have another level to their game - and I'll be damned at how Kopitar is 36 and still nearly leading scoring on the team. The home game/power play thing is just sad at the moment - though I guess we're 17th? Feels worse but could definitely be improved.

I'm not sure what Fiala did to anybody but he seems to be under a microscope lately - he has 12 assists.. Do they want goals from him? I guess the obvious is the giveaway goal per game rate he is almost on and the timely penalties.. I'll say he hasn't looked the same since his injury last January? or so, before he was officially hurt. He definitely lets every micro mistake get under his skin and lead to more and more. The effort's there and the skill but he has a mental barrier to his game. He's one of my favorites in a long time so I really hope he gets it sorted. I think that 78 had a good game and needs to move on - 22 is not going to do much with 80 and 78. The last few games Fiala is making just bad passes too - which is unsettling. For 10 games or so he was playing his game, making amazing plays, and nobody was catching the pass, or completing the play, which I think got to him, and now it's just leading to horrible turnovers like the pass to Moore which was missed and led to a goal. Of course he's a millionaire professional and needs to get one of those stone massages and a yoga session with mindfulness tapes and get his sh*t together soon. He's the first player I've bought a jersey for (my wife) since the one in my avatar (Quick) in 2011...

I think the Flyers and Tortorella made some great changes to their game to outclass the Kings at home after their own 5-0 defeat, while the Kings made changes to make things worse. The Kings definitely got scouted a bit with the rush every time we took a shot - there were 3 breakaways? in the first period against us with that broken shot hail mary pass thing - it wasn't a good look for us.


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