***Pre-Season GDT-WEDNESDAY 9/28 Sharks @ Kings in ONTARIO 7:00pm iHeartRadio ONLY***


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San Jose Sharks vs. LA Kings

at Toyota Arena in Ontario, CA

7:00pm on iHeartRadio ONLY


Here's a link to team rosters and goalie comparisons



and here are some post-game quotes from 9/26 game vs. VGK

Todd McLellan on evaluating tonight’s game versus last night in San Jose
I think tonight was an easier game for us to evaluate. We got to see more players in common situations. Penalty kill and power play, those are situations where the bench gets shortened and we haven’t had any work on them yet. 5-on-5, we did some good things, we did some things that we’ve actually worked on poorly, so we have to fix some areas of our game. Still, it’s back-to-back in the exhibition season, game two, there’s things we can be happy with and then there’s part of the game that we have to fix.

MacLellan on evaluating Kevin Fiala in a game setting tonight for the first time
Well, he doesn’t need many opportunities, I don’t think, to score. He had very few chances, yet he scored a goal and set up a nice one in overtime. Obviously the offensive instincts are there. I think it’s going to take them some time to gel as a line and figure each other out, figure out how we’re going to play the game as a group. It won’t be any different than Phil Danault when he arrived last year, it took him four or five games just to figure everything out, but we’re excited about having him here and he seems to be fitting in real well.

MacLellan on the approach to special teams this early in preseason
Well, you draw a few things on the board, you show a few video clips and you hope that it works. That’s why training camp is two weeks long and then you get some practice time to begin the season. We’ve got a practice, then we play on Wednesday again, so we’ll try and add an element to our game tomorrow that skate. That could very well be a piece of either the power play or the penalty kill and see if we can implement it on Wednesday.

On Pheonix Copley’s play tonight, coming in for the final 40 minutes
Phoenix knew he was going in today, we were going to split the night as it was and after the first, Cal didn’t feel real good. He went in and knowing you’re going in at that point may give you a better chance to prepare even. He loosened up, he got ready between periods and when he went in, I thought he played very well in the last 40 minutes.

Lines from previous game

22 Fiala – 11 Kopitar – 9 Kempe
13 Vilardi – 89 Kupari – 37 Madden
17 Andersson – 28 Anderson-Dolan – 41 Thomas
10 Quine – 79 Helenius – 45 Doty

44 Anderson – 53 Spence
2 Edler – 54 Clarke
57 Moverare – 58 Allard

40 Petersen / 29 Copely​
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First of many, Nyssa always doing an incredible service for LGK.
Here we go!! And....our 1st PP of the game. Can we actually score a PP goal??

EDIT: no, we could not score a PP goal.

Sharks are playing all their big guys because they go to play in Europe next week.

EDIT2: we may never score another PP goal again. can't even put it away with a 4 min PP or a 2man advantage

yay for Lemieux and Grundy, though!
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This is going to be an exciting season for Kings' fans. So many question marks, so many possibilities.
Clarke played great against the Sharks. Grundstrom had 2 points because he and Lemieux were all over the ice blocking their big guys.

Great game except for the giveaway in OT.

Kings won the exhibition shootout 2-0

Here's the potential lineup for tonight's game - we get our first glimpse of Fiala-Kopi-Kempe!! And Brandt Clarke (#54) in for a 2nd straight game.

Here’s how the team took rushes during morning skate today –

22 – 11 – 9
13 – 89 – 37
17 – 28 – 41
10 – 79 – 45

44 – 53
2 – 54
57 – 58

40 / 29
Boooo!! I was just about to type about what a great start the Kings are having and then stupid Eichel ruins it.
The one NHL player I would least associate with the phrase "Iron Man": Phil Kessel.
Watching Kopi try to keep up with Fiala and Kempe is either going to be a revelation or a spectacular train wreck.
Watching Kopi try to keep up with Fiala and Kempe is either going to be a revelation or a spectacular train wreck.

there's no way Kopi can do 20 minutes per game AND keep up with those 2. It's going to come down to ice time management
Good defensive play in front of the net by Vilardi. Vegas on the shorthanded attempt. He shouldered the shooter off from what could have been a dangerous shot.
This isn’t terribly exciting. Definitely looks like a preseason game.

Also, watching that Eichel and Kessel line all season is going to be painful. They are already looking like a PP unit.
Hilarious... Kings tough guy Jacob Doty hits Pietrangelo hard, and Doty senses somebody behind him and immediately drops his gloves only to discover Chyka...who clearly didn't want anything to do with fighting Doty. I just haven't seen a guy drop em like Doty did in that situation
well, that was pretty!!! Fiala!! what a play! Great pass by Clarke to set him up, & nice work by JAD, too.
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