***Preseason Game #8 San Jose Sharks vs. LA Kings in UTAH GDT 10/05/23 6:00pm on BSW***


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May 10, 2012

Game Day Thread
Preseason Game #8
**Game Time 6:00pm**


San Jose Sharks vs. LA Kings

Delta Center | Salt Lake City, UT

Pre-Season Results

09/22/23 Kings 3, Coyotes 5
09/23/23 Coyotes 2, Kings 3
09/24/23 Kings 2, Ducks 3 (OT)
09/27/23 Kings 4, Golden Knights 3 (OT)
09/29/23 Kings 4, Ducks 3
09/30/23 Kings 2, Sharks 1 (OT)
10/03/23 Ducks 1,
Kings 4

2022-23 Season Stats

**Game Time 6:00pm**


TV:**Bally Sports West**

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10/03/23 Post-Game Quotes:
Pierre-Luc Dubois
On feeling more comfortable with his line tonight

Yeah, and I think being back across the globe [helped too]. Practicing all week, coming back, you’re getting your legs really and I know we played two games in Australia, but it really felt like our first real preseason game together and it was fun out there.
On Fiala’s goal and how he saw that play develop
He’s a fast player and we’re still getting used to each other. Sometimes as a center, you’ve got to hold onto the puck in the middle and wait for the play to develop. I saw him speed down the left wing and I just got it in his hands. After that, he finished it off. Pretty nice goal.
On Fiala’s creativity and how he and other top players have that in their game
The top players, they make something happen when there seems to be nothing there. Kevin can beat guys 1-on-1 and even sometimes 1-on-2. Kevin, I knew he was a skilled player, obviously playing against him, but being with him every day and you see him in practice, in the games, he sees a lot out there. It’s really fun to be able to play with a guy like that and he’s a great guy off the ice too. I’ve been having a great time with him.
On continuing to learn and get used to the Kings system
I’m getting used to it more and more. Every day, every time we do video, at practice, we work on our systems a lot, so it’s getting there. I’m not at my best when I’m thinking too much out there, and I’m getting used to this new system, new linemates, new everything, it’s going to be huge in these preseason games coming up. We want to start the season playing well and the staff and the players have taught me a lot. It’s communicating well and explaining it to me, showing me on video, I’m getting there.

Todd McLellan
On the start tonight and if the group looked champing at the bit to play in a game again

Yeah, they were. That’s the benefit and the negative side of the trip to Australia, we didn’t play guys right away, didn’t have to, chose not to, but as a result, they were anxious to play. They wanted to get back out there real quick. The other default mechanism because of the trip was the type of lineups we’ve put in the last couple of games versus this one, which is pretty close to our team. There’s a little bit of an imbalance there, but Anaheim played real hard and made it made it hard on us.
On seeing a more connected line between Dubois, Fiala and Kaliyev
Yeah, I would say that. Kevin is Kevin, and he’s dynamic, but it takes a little bit to learn how to play with him. He’s explosive, he pulls pucks back, he looks for people in certain areas. I think that PL and Arthur are further along in understanding how that happens and the two of them are starting to mesh a little bit more [themselves]. Practice time has been important and I keep saying that Dubois is asking the right questions and he’s inquisitive, guys are helping him, so it was a good night for that line.
On his focus being on the play of individuals and the team, as opposed to the score
Yeah, it’s not the stats or the score, it’s combining the structure and the systems, the execution within them, with all of the other intangibles, the speed, the pace that we did it. We made mistakes tonight, we didn’t cover on a pinch and got scored on. There are some workable moments in the game now that we can use, in practice, to try and fix some things up. Special teams, I thought penalty kill did a good job, power play got us a goal and looked dangerous at the end, but a lot of passing and not a lot of substance, so we can fix that. There’s a needle that points us in the right direction now for practice tomorrow and we get another chance on Thursday.
On the first opportunity to see the penalty kill, after practicing it, against another team
It’s hard to practice special teams against each other, because one, you don’t want to shoot it and nobody wants to block a shot, and it changes the whole intensity, or the whole complexion of, either side of the puck, PP or PK. It’s good to be playing in these games and seeing situations that arise and how we handle them. We did a pretty good job.
On holding another practice shootout after the game
The goalies need it a little bit. A week from tomorrow, we’re going to be in a shootout, potentially. If the goalies don’t see it or feel it, against the other team’s shooters……we can do it in practice, when there’s no pressure or stress, not that there’s a lot here, but it’s valuable for them.



Byfield – Kopitar – Kempe
Moore – Danault – Arvidsson
Fiala – Dubois – Laferriere
Grundstrom – Lizotte – Lewis
Anderson-Dolan – Turcotte – Kaliyev

Anderson – Doughty
Gavrikov – Roy
Englund – Clarke
Bjornfot – Spence










Former King

**Scott Sabourin - assigned to Barracuda

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Thanks Not Melf for the GDT!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is fake Frozen Fury. Kings need to stop trying to make it happen.
Thank you Nyssa! Lets see how Toby and Clarke look
Woah. Frozen fury on a weeknight in Utah....
How the mighty have fallen
Thanks Nyssa!

Fake Frozen Fury is one thing.. but to do it on a Thursday? The Kings are dumb but whatever I guess.
OMG, I need all the "invisible people" to get their avatars restored (freaks me out, and, also, I can't tell it's a new post)......and I need for there to NOT be more preseason games - holy moly, this has been the longest preseason in the history of preseasons!! one more to go....
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Dooley posted this lineup on Insider:

We don’t know exactly how the Kings will align tonight, but here’s how the rushes went this morning at TSPC –

Byfield – Kopitar – Kempe
Moore – Danault – Arvidsson
Fiala – Dubois – Laferriere
Grundstrom – Lizotte – Lewis
Anderson-Dolan – Turcotte – Kaliyev

Anderson – Doughty
Gavrikov – Roy
Englund – Clarke
Bjornfot – Spence

I miss knowing what members are logged into the thread and each members stats. Still getting used to 2.0
Copley in net tonight according to the email I just got from the Kings about a bunch of random events.
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