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Back on top in the West!

McCarthy made some brilliant saves.
Puig to Paintsill was unbelievable!

Set piece defending, still absolute trash!
This is getting out of hand.
Come on Vanney, work on this!

Smurfs at the Diggs next!
G’s up!

PRO: "PRO’s opinion: [...] This was an act of simulation, and an indirect free kick should have been awarded to LA Galaxy along with the issuing of a yellow card to Bouanga."​

Yea, no kidding! That ref was worse than the scab refs that started the season.
The audio from VAR telling this clown ref straight up, over and over again, that Bouanga was dragging his right foot and initiating all of the contact, and then dopey ref wants to see the wrong angle at full speed. How this guy got to be a center ref is mind blowing.

LA Galaxy decided to immediately buy Carlos Emiro Garcés (22) and no longer do it on loan with an option. #Pereira sells it for $1.4M and keeps 30% of the capital gain in the event of a future sale. The defender signed a 5-year contract and will travel in the coming days

Garces due in LA early next week.

Nice to see him purchased, but a 5 year deal?!?!
In Kuntz we trust, right?
Going to be there for the 100th Cali Classico.

I pray to the football gods I am not bad luck.
Nervous about it being a trap game.
Harder than it should have been to get a W at home against lowly SJ.

G’s can score, no doubt…..but getting scored on 3 times?!?! Come on now!!!

Top of the table again in the West. Onward!

LA Galaxy, Puig agree to new deal​

The LA Galaxy and star midfielder Riqui Puig have agreed to terms on a new contract, sources briefed on the situation tell The Athletic. Puig’s previous deal was set to expire after the 2025 season.

Puig, 24, is the top player for the West-leading Galaxy. He joined from Barcelona during the 2022 season and has been among the best players in MLS since. He’s made 54 appearances so far for the Galaxy.

This season, Puig has two goals and two assists but his basic numbers don’t quite tell the whole story. Adding his secondary assists — which MLS officially counts — Puig is tied for fourth in the league in that category.

Puig also leads the league in touches by a wide margin — his total of 998 is well ahead of second-place Sergio Busquets’ 794 touches. Per FBRef, Puig is in the 99th percentile among MLS midfielders this season in passes attempted, progressive passess and progressive carries; He’s in the 97th percentile in shot-creating actions.

Kuntz knows how to do it!
Lock Puig in for the long haul....if he stays......if he in for the big $$$$$.
Well that was really rough.

Barry is really bad…not even serviceable.
Our bad offseason acquisition for sure.

Puig was poor. Bad passes. Trying to be hero all alone. He has got to be better.

Defense is bad….like a broken clock for multiple seasons now. The “defensive” coach once again has no answers for defending.

Bad starting lineup. Fagundez should have played striker from the start….especially against Austin. Huge drop off when Jovelic is out. Dejan is not the best, but the bench is thin, and backup striker is no existent.

Maybe I’m a broken clock too, but I think I’m back on the fire Vanney train. This guy just cannot adapt. He’s rigid. This team is too talented to play this poorly. That’s on the coach. ….and it’s not just this game, the G’s have been “getting by” on quite a few matches now. Sure we got points, but we have yet to flat out dominate on both sides of the ball and play to the quality that this squad really has.

Kuntz should be a bit concerned.

Upside: Jalen looked really good!
Having him back and the new guy (when he gets here) will help for sure.

The lack of good tactical and committing coaching is what will do the G’s in this season.
Serious question, if every team plays us with a low block, are we doomed?

It seems that every team that can get a goal, and then go into low block mode defeats the G’s every time.

This has happened multiple times, and Vanney has no answers?!?!?
So glad I took time out of my day to watch that Saturday (well until the 75th when I turned it off). I swear if I don't watch any more games they'll go undefeated the rest of the way.
Hope for the G's in SEA without Puig?
Well that was some boring, slow, plodding football in Seattle.

However, without 3 of our top starters, I'll take the draw on the road and be happy.

Aude is a boss
Nice to see Yamane back
MOST EXCELLENT to see Jalen back.....he looks good, and will get even better.
Set piece defending.
Clean sheet.

Berry.....flat out horrible. Does zero. We need a second striker desperately.
Missing Puig engine and playmaking. Game was slow and plodding without him. No creativity.
Delgado missing meant a good portion of the offensive was missing as well.
No connection to Peck and Paintsil.
Paintsil....where did he go? Bring back month of March Josepth....that's the guy we need.

RSL at home will be a big test....Onward!

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