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Admittedly I fell asleep during the game. I suppose I was pleased to wake up finding they didn't lose, but man that was some slow boring stuff.
Tell me if you heard this before:
Total possession, easy access into the final third, then….nothing…nothing dangerous….poor chances. Possession with no purpose.

Poor Paintsil had a bad night, so many chances, and cannot convert. No wonder he walked off to the locker room in the 80th minute.

Aude had a bad game, Yoshida too…how he could not get up higher on Chicho on that header?!?!

Gotta say it seems to be Chicho’s year.

Should have been up 3-0 at home in the first 20 minutes, then we could have rested guys for midweek game, but nope!

G’s are too good to play this poorly.
Sure we have a VERY thin bench, but our starters have got to be better. G’s are not clinical.

Dejan’s runs are average at best. He does not threaten the backline off the ball at all. He is not feared. He is very direct and predictable.
However if he gets a ball, he typically will finish. Berry does nothing. He’s a third or fourth guy off the bench. Not a backup or starter whatsoever. I really wonder how the G’s would be with a legit top shelf striker.
Would they be more clinical and finish more chances?

…and thanks Miguel.
My take on last night, the galaxy have a decent midfield and can move the ball, but do not have that clinical finisher. Puig made some amazing moves, but then had nowhere to go and would have to try to dribble through four people. Paintsil looks like he has fallen off, too many open drives where he either shot it 30 feet over the bar or didn’t bother taking a shot and passed backwards. They had about 90% of possession, then Seattle got one counter attack and scored off a header. The second goal just another head scratcher. it makes me think if they had somebody like giroux they would be tearing it up, but the defense is not quite there. But the team has heart and does not stop fighting till the end, and they are fun to watch. I’ve never gone so crazy for a draw before in the 94th minute.

Editors note; I wrote the above before reading your post and it appears we have some common themes ha ha
Welp, Vanney subbed the G’s away from a road win to a draw.

I was saying out load “we cannot defend a lead….don’t sub in all defensive players”
Then we concede on yet ANOTHER corner!!!

You knew MU was going to throw everything forward at the G’s to try to get an equalizer, and that would leave a giant hole behind them that the G’s could exploit at will on the counter….but Greg has “better” ideas.

The G’s have too much quality to play this poorly.

Take the point on the road, but honestly, all these draws are going to come back and bite us come September.

…and what’s going on with Paintsil?
Is he stuck in his head, or just a streaky kind of player? A bit worried if I’m honest.
Ugly, boring match in Charlotte, but a draw on the road is good.....right?

Except when you draw 3 matches in row and end up with 3 points out of a possible 9.

The next games have beatable teams, and more games at home.
G's gotta go on a run here and get the 3 points as much as possible.

....and Paintsil being out for weeks?!?!....ugh!
A win at home is always good.
Literally giving the first goal away is really bad.

I'm still waiting for the G's to flat out dominate a game from beginning to end and come away with 3 points.
FYI Jalen called up for the final pre-Olympic camp in June.

Love/Hate to see him go, but dudes been through a lot with his injuries, nice to see him get a shot.

Seriously the G’s are horrific on penalties!
Pec’s attempt was laughable!

Dejan, Fagundez, Delgado, Brugman need to take the penalties. How can it be this hard?!?!

Get the W at home. G’s did what they are supposed to do.

Johnny Perez needs more playing time.
Kid looked good.
Leave it to Vanney to give Chicago their first win over the G’s in 14 years.


I understand the rotated squad (except for Berry) , but Vanney’s subs are unforgivable!

He took Perez off (who was having a great game) for Dejan, and left traffic cone Berry on and switched to some 4-4-2 formation….WHY?!?!

Cerrillo was gassed, and making bad passes, and Vanney leaves him out there.

Fagundez is riding the pine while Berry gets over 80 minutes!!! Berry is legit Vanney’s new Cabral. He cannot learn when to not play a poor player. Vanney is either tactically inept or stubborn to a fault.

Yoshida has been making quite a few mistakes lately. Worrisome. Where is Garces?
Why hasn’t he been in the mix yet?

Granted it’s the 3rd game of the week, on the road, but come on….good teams with good coaches don’t lose a game like this to a 25th ranked team.

Kuntz put together too good a squad to play like this. Vanney is an anchor that is dragging this clubs ability to advance.

Remember how high flying the offense was a handful of games into the season when the team just “played” ? Then once they have to start playing Vanney ball, it just becomes a mess.

Frustrating…so frustrating.
I’m glad we have a two week break.
I can’t deal.
What?! wow!!

Isn't he like 35 or 36 now? and injury prone?
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