The totally bizzare and WTF Thread....

Sounds way better than the "only in Florida" thread
Have you unfortunate encounters with Ben Roethlisberger? : AskReddit

there are some pretty bizarre and WTF comments in there

Can someone explain who this guy is lol. So far he's spun so fast he ripped a girl in two than scooped her in a peanut butterjar and disappeard in the ground, stole peoples McDonald's, got hit by a car and survived only to grab a girls ankle and pounded a guy into the ground like a stake
Cool thread subject. Just don't show pics of those "look at me" douches with the cack ring windows in their lower lips that show us teeth.

I want to punch those morons.
Come to think of it, that thing looks like a baby Kaiju. I think its time to start developing Jaegers.
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