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Jun 6, 2002
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We’re back!

It’s IO and Damian time.

Now back to more AEW Fight Forever playing..
Man that Cole/MJF main event was awesome in so many ways.

MJF putting the chair over his head and falling in response to cole faking getting hit was probably my favorite part. don't break them up!
I forget who they wrastled, but I saw the British Bulldogs take on another tag team at the LA Sports Arena when I was in 7th grade, so 1987. My uncle took me, it was awesome!
Oh and that cm punk guy? You know, the guy whose aew career was shorter than Roman reigns’ title reign?

Bye Felicia!
Been too lazy to type stuff but three wrestlers I *REALLY* love in AEW right now are Christian Cage, Roderick Strong, and Toni Storm.

Christian's "Father of the year" stuff is hilarious. Now he's Nick Wayne's dad. Then you have Adam Copeland joining AEW full time, that's pretty huge. I really do love the story on how he came to team with Christian.. so they can face FTR, Young Bucks Hardys, etc. And Christian just told him to go **** himself lol. It absolutely makes sense too considering Christian was always "second fiddle" to Edge. So the one time he is in the spotlight with the TNT title, Adam is trying to take it all away.

Speaking of "ADAM!!!!!", god damn Roddy Strong is amazing. I always thought he was a great wrestler but always felt pretty "generic" when he was part of the Undisputed Era. I think that's why when MJF called him a generic white dude it really made me laugh. Now with his whole "Neck Strong" gimmick and how he's in a hospital gown everywhere he goes, it's just great.

Then you got Toni Storm. Wow, she has really developed her character well. I liked her with the Outcasts but I was disappointed as usual when AEW just drops storylines out of nowhere. The whole idea behind the Outcasts vs Originals was intriguing to me. But then Riho always randomly disappears as well as Shida (since they go back to Japan often). Then Jamie Hayter got hurt which really ruined it. But at least now Toni Storm has a chance to shine and she's taken the ball and ran with it.
I really like Jay White and Juice Robinson in AEW. Nice storyline going on.
Good UFC lightweight fight. Islam destroyed dude with head kick.
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