What Are U Listening To Right This Moment?



What Are U Listening To At This Moment?

I'll start:

The Atlanta Rhythm Section - A Rock & Roll Alternative (on vinyl)
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when you walked into the room, there was voodoo in the vibes!
THAT is why I love GESCOM. THAT is why GESCOM takes the top spot on my fave LGKers list.
The jackhammer that's going off outside and the bass from the Curves gym next door to my office.

Whoever was complaining about their co-worker bumping the RHCP...you don't know how good you had it...
you know... i have like 50 records that sound like that.

LOL...I have software that removes jackhammer when converting vinyl to CD. Using it right now as I prepare to convert The Babys Anthology. Not sure it is good enough software to filter out Curves stampede tho.
My iPod...

"Substitute your lies for fact
I can see right through your plastic mac
I look all white, but my dad was black
My fine-looking suit is really made out of sack

I was born with a plastic spoon in my mouth"
i got thru the part about the exodus.
up to then i only knew it was a movement of the people.
but if small town cops are like swarms of flies and if blackened foil is like boils and hail.
then i'm pretty sure we've been thru this before.
and it seemed like a simple place to score.
then some old lady came to the door and said mckenzie phillips doesn't live here anymore.
Ghostland Observatory - Paparazzi Lightning (2006 Trashy Moped Recordings)

I Giorni by Ludovico Einaudi, an Italian contemporary classical music composer and pianist.

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