What Are U Listening To Right This Moment?

A New Zealand band that relaxes me! And they are awesome!!!

And here is old band, that I have seen twice and had at least chatted at least one of their guys.

And yeah, I do wanna fight after this song.
Anything featuring: "Floor Jansen"

- Wacken 2013 (Storytime)
- Wembley Vehicle of Spirit
Sheesh dead thread? No music listeners anymore?

Got stuck down the Rabbit hole of symphonic Metal over the past 5 months. Now mixing in some
Power metal / metalcore dance-rock melodic death metal

|Amaranthe - covering Sabaton 82nd all the way

Also, Noise by Nightwish is an amazing song and video.

The guy is fantastic with a tight band. This is a good intro to his stuff.

So the question is what am I listening to right at THIS moment? A really freaking boring Entry Into Service meeting for our latest product going to market ...
This is not shameless self-promotion...yes it is...sorry...

Well if you like The Cure you may not be after this. But, I am proud of this cover it came out exactly how I wanted to hear it.

Sexual Healing covered by Soul Asylum off the benefit album No Alternative
Just milking a little Rammstein...


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