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I do NOT like this trade.
I'm skeptical myself. I do NOT like the idea of moving Vilardi (especially). Of course, the big concern is with PLD and where he wants to play. However, if he is signing a contract....

Now it comes down to whether than kind of contract is worth it....????

Interesting that all the key pieces were leaked well before the actual trade.

It’s a heavy price to pay for Dubois but if management thinks he has another level of production to his game then I get it.

I think another trade is coming. Im thinking Arvidsson is gone to make cap room for a starting goalie.
I hope one more piece is coming from the AHLer...
I'm not happy losing Vilardi at all. It solves a problem that didn't need fixing...and we still need a goalie
Neither Vilardi or Kupari are signed. They both need new contracts. That’s a problem.

The Kings get the best player in the deal.

And they now have a spot in the lineup for Kaliyev and another young cost controlled forward to replace Kupari.
I didn’t think Rob Blake was a gambler. This is a gamble. I’m wondering if the Kings are capitalizing on Vilardi’s last season and selling high.
Great job McMaster, I mean Blake. /s

Nothing says push all the chips in with Vilardi, Iafallo, 2nd, and Kupari like a guy who is a zero time all-star and never scored a PPG in a NHL season. And then turn around and pay him 1C money at 8x8.5. What could possibly go wrong?
gonna miss gabe for sure ... I felt so involved in his health and rehab and success .. haha i was pumped when he fell to us on draft day ... but end of the we got the best player out of the deal at a postion thats harder to fill then wing
With Fiala’s salary that’s 16M+ to two players to seriously tear it up against 3rd and 4th line talent.

EDIT: my girlfriend just saw and said “WTF is that trade? This guy better be McHolySpirit.” Nice line.
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