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Sep 17, 2006
Ok, a little early but the procedure has changed and if you even want a chance to try to snag tix you have to pre-register, so in the interest of all of you who want to try...

Comic-Con 2012 Pre-Registration Begins

San Diego Comic-Con has become so popular that last year they couldn?t figure out how to sell badges without crashing servers. When they did manage to sell the badges, they all sold out in less than a day. Not just the 4-day badges, but the individual day badges as well. Today, Comic-Con has opened pre-registration and it begins by setting up a Member ID. To be clear: Setting up a Member ID does not guarantee you a badge. It?s the first step you need to take to even have a chance at buying a badge. You must register by February 28th.

That's too bad... He left an important mark on this earth though, and was responsible for many hours of fun.

But, i wouldn't be me if i didn't at least poke a little fun at the last sentence of his obit - about being survived by his mother...

Imagine that... LOLlie Fingers!
As much fun as I have at CC I have to say I am seriously thinking of not going this year. It was a bloody cluster**** last year, the lines to get into panels was ridiculous.

Either clear the halls after every event or make people register for the panels they want to go to and issue passes.
I haven't been to any comic conventions in years, but I think I'm going to hit up Wonder Con in Anaheim in March, though.
I see they are having their normal brain farts on getting registered for a "chance" at getting tickets. Each person must have their own ID#. Thats fine but when I went to sign up my wife it would not take her info since I reused the same email address as I had on my own ID. Luckly I have a secondary one I use only for my online gallery but I'm certain there are others that might have a problem if they had to do an ID for wife and kids.
Comic-Con 2012 :: Hotels


Comic-Con Early Bird Hotel Sale

If you know you will be attending Comic-Con and want to save money AND get your room in advance of everyone else; here's your chance!

A limited number of hotel rooms will be made available in the Mission Valley area and they will also offer special incentives for those who book early.

PLEASE NOTE: These rooms will not be eligible for the Hotel Room/Badge program we have had in past years should we decide to have that program again.

You must pay for the room in advance and there are no refunds or exchanges. This special Early Bird Hotel Sale is only available BEFORE general housing opens and remember, all rooms are prepaid and are not eligible for any refunds.

The courtesy shuttle will be available at these hotels beginning Wednesday, July 11, 2012 at 3:00pm and will operate until 10:00pm Wednesday night. The shuttle starts back up on Thursday, July 12, 2012 at 7:00am and will begin 24-hour service until Sunday, July 15, 2012 at 7:00pm helping fans enjoy every hour of Comic-Con and the night time fun.

To sign up for the Comic-Con Early Bird Hotel Sale, click here.
Translation for everyone: Hey folks, pay $1k in advance with no chance of refund and hope you get your tickets. Shouldn't be tough considering how smoothly it went last year. Also, if you don't have any luck and can't get a badge or several, enjoy the traffic and high prices while you stay at our lovely hotel for the weekend.

I might still be bitter after last year. . .but this just smacks of insanity to get a room already.
In our case I made arrangements a while ago to stay down in Chula Vista (which can be canceled if I don't get a ticket) near a Trolly station. Much cheaper than the ones downtown or in Hotel circle. We just get a 3 day trolly pass and get dropped off in front of the Omni each morning.
In our case I made arrangements a while ago to stay down in Chula Vista (which can be canceled if I don't get a ticket) near a Trolly station. Much cheaper than the ones downtown or in Hotel circle. We just get a 3 day trolly pass and get dropped off in front of the Omni each morning.

The only problem with this, for me back when I used to go to SDCC, was that it means having to carry everything around with you all day.

Instead of SDCC, I'm hitting up Wonder Con in Anaheim this year. WonderCon 2011 :: What's New Won't be as cool, but the money and time saved should offset that some.
Badges go on sale at 8:00am PST on Saturday. Heads up everyone.

Here is the link, but it won't be active until that time. Good luck.

Glad you put that up. Now remember...anyone interested, you have to have a SDCC id to buy tix. You should still be able to register for one...but YOU MUST HAVE ONE to buy.
*biting tongue!*

Bite away or fire away...yes it's cool to say 'I was there back in the day' and I get that. I love a good rant more than most. I appreciate that it has grown away from the purpose that it served and I thank those that came before me. In the meantime I love the sights, smells, and memories that the con has afforded me the past couple years. You have to remember...time changes all. Comic books were in the closet so to speak when this started...and now...they have come out screaming. A good idea is a good idea and success breeds contempt. Is ComicCon perfect? NOPE. But it's multicolored multi-paneled...just like the comics that spawned it(see what I did there). And I will cherish it till I cannot anymore. My cynicism goes away when I get to go all fanboy for 4 days. I get to see folks who I admire, laugh at those less fortunate than I, and come home with swag, toys and cool memories. Once again...CANNOT wait for the bad food, geek body odor, and long waits in line. Excelsior.

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