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The Wolverine Sound Editor Paul Apted Dead At Age Of 47 - Bleeding Cool Comic Book, Movies and TV News and Rumors

Paul Apted, son of British film director Michael Apted, passed away on Friday at the age of 47 form colon cancer.

Apted worked on many films in his over two decade career, most recently The Wolverine, A Good Day To Die Hard, Prisoners, The Book Thief and The Fault In Our Stars.

Apted worked with his father on Nell, Extreme Measures and Chronicles Of Narnia: Voyage Of The Dawn Treader.

Besides his father, Paul is survived by his wife Gemma, their kids Thomas and Rose, his mother Jo and his siblings Jim, John and Lily.

Sad. The man's IMDB page is pretty extensive.
BBC News - Terry Richards: UK stunt man dies aged 81


One of the UK's top stunt men, Terry Richards, who starred in more than 100 films including Star Wars and Raiders of the Lost Ark has died aged 81.

He played the Cairo Swordsman in the first Indiana Jones film, famously trying to goad Harrison Ford into a sword fight only to be shot dead.

In a 50-year career, Richards worked on nine 007 films, opposite four different Bonds, before retiring in 1999.

He also doubled for Donald Sutherland, Tom Selleck and Christopher Lee.
Saw this - quite a bizarre story actually.

The articles I have seen don't really get into the details. Sounded odd from the start. If you have a link with more of an explanation, please post. Thanks.
Oh hell... Elaine SCREWED Stritch. She was a saucy old broad. God rest.

And Johnny Winter too.

And Tom Rolf had a hell of a resume.

Ok big guy, you got yer 3. Maybe the rest can sleep through the weekend.
R.I.P. Jimmy

one of my favorites.
I enjoyed almost everything he did
Loved Rockford Files...that is the Garner I grew up with. In his later years he was a notorious alcoholic and kind of a cranky old man...should be interesting to hear the 'eulogy' Howard Stern gives him today.
Writer-director-producer John Fasano dies at age 52

Fasano was nominated for a Writers Guild Award in 1996 for writing the teleplay for The Hunchback for TNT. He also had a hand in more than 40 other film and TV projects, including writing the hit Tom Selleck TV movie Stone Cold, Iraq war TV docudramas Saving Jessica Lynch and The Hunt for Saddam, and films including Alien 3, Meggido: The Omega Code 2, Darkness Falls and Another 48 Hours. Fasano also worked as a script doctor and screenwriting guest lecturer at AFI and the Writer’s Boot Camp. He was president of the screenwriting seminar at the Sony/Canal+ Equinoxe screenwriting seminar in France. He produced and directed several independent films, typically in the horror genre, including Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightmare, Black Roses and The Jitters, all released in the 1980s.
Spanish Actor Alex Angulo Dead At 61 | Twitch

?lex Angulo, star of films such as The Day of the Beast, Live Flesh, and Pan's Labyrinth, has died in a traffic accident in his native Spain. Likely best known to film audiences through his work with ?lex de la Iglesia, this is a tremendous loss for Spanish cinema.

While mainly known as a comic actor, he will also be remembered for a dramatic and vital turn in Pan's Labyrinth, in which he plays the doctor who secretly aids the rebel fighters. Knowing it will likely mean his death, he kills with mercy one of the rebels who had been captured and tortured; as he walks away, about to be shot by Captain Vidal, Angulo maintained the character's dignity and moral fortitude. Only an actor such as he could have handled such a part without being overdramatic or indulgent.

Skye McCole Bartusiak, Actress, Dies at 21 | NY Times

Skye McCole Bartusiak, who portrayed Mel Gibson’s young daughter in the 2000 film “The Patriot,” was found dead in her Houston home on Saturday. She was 21.

Ms. Bartusiak was born in Houston on Sept. 28, 1992. She made her acting debut in the television mini-series “Storm of the Century” in 1999 and had a role on “24” in 2002-3.

Her first film was “The Cider House Rules,” in 1999, and she appeared with Michael Douglas in “Don’t Say a Word” (2001). Her most recent movie was “Sick Boy” (2012).

She was best known for her role in “The Patriot,” a Revolutionary War epic starring Mel Gibson and directed by Roland Emmerich. She played the youngest child of Mr. Gibson’s character, a militia leader.
Daily | Noel Black, 1937 – 2014 | Keyframe - Explore the world of film.

Film and television historian Stephen Bowie not only seems to have broken the news that director Noel Black has died at the age of 77, he’s also written a vital remembrance. Though he won a prize at Cannes in 1966 for his short film Skaterdater and directed dozens of television movies and episodes, we can be sure Black will most likely be remembered for Pretty Poison (1968).

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