***PLAYOFFS Rd1 Game 5 GDT Kings @ Oilers 5/10/22 7:00pm on BSSC & ESPN2***


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May 10, 2012


PLAYOFFS Game Day Thread
Playoffs Round 1, Game #5 -- 5/10/22




Los Angeles Kings @ Edmonton Oilers

Rogers Place | Edmonton, AB


Round 1 Scores

05/08/22 - Oilers 0, Kings 4
05/06/22 - Oilers 8, Kings 2
05/04/22 - Kings 0, Oilers 6
05/02/22 - Kings 4, Oilers 3

Playoff Series Stats


**Game Time 7:00pm**


These start times are for the pregame


Radio: LA Kings iHeartRadio app

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Mikey Anderson (video), Jonathan Quick & Todd MacLellan 5/8 Post Game Quotes

Link to Mikey Anderson Post-Game Video


Jonathan Quick
On the Kings playing to their identity tonight

I mean, we played the game that got us to the playoffs. We got pucks deep, we forechecked, blocked shots, pucks to the net and rebounds. We play that way, we can be successful.
On having Carl Grundstrom and Troy Stecher step in with big goals
It’s huge and we’ve been getting that all year. Guys in, injuries, whatever happens, guys have jumped in and it’s a next-man up mentality. They did that well tonight.
On the team getting a complete effort tonight
It was everyone as a group, everyone chips in. We’ve played a lot of good games. Just because the last two didn’t go our way, we’ve played a lot of good games like that.
On making the save without the glove on
You see the puck and you try to get something on it.

Todd McLellan
On the difference between Games 2 and 3 and tonight’s win

I could tell you that we didn’t play very well for two games and I could tell you that we played better tonight to a man. It wasn’t 100 percent better, it was only like five percent better per player, but we did some of the things we needed to do to win the game and we hadn’t been doing that since Game 1.
On the team’s rally back tonight after the defeats in Games 2 and 3
Well, our team believes in themselves and what we stand for. We just had to get them back to playing that way and believing in it. We can’t go to the table, if you will, and put all of our chips in on one play, we have to manage them all night and we did a better job of that tonight.
On the penalty kill tonight, and its improvements
Well, let’s face it, they had at least one power-play goal in every game, so it’s 1-0 when the night starts. They were that good and they are that good. Odds of going without a penalty throughout the night are slim to none, so our group had to step up. It starts with the goaltender, he made some outstanding saves when he needed to and then some of the players around him did what they needed to do, so that was a good sign. I thought our power play began to show a little sign of life, so we’re improving. Our team still has to improve in the playoffs. The question I’m going to ask our guys is have we learned our lesson yet, because we won Game 1 and then we did nothing in Games 2 or 3 that even remotely looked close to us, so we have to continue with it, so have we learned anything throughout the series. It doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy and it doesn’t mean we’re going to win, but we need to do certain things to have a chance. We’ll see if we’ve learned.
On if there was a moment when he felt he knew the Kings were playing their brand of hockey
Our starts haven’t been bad, so I can’t tell you it’s the first period, but there were situations in the game that we played differently. It can’t explain the X’s and O’s, but by the eye, some of the things that we needed to do, but didn’t do, while we were getting drilled we did tonight and it helped us
On Jonathan Quick’s play tonight
There were some questions that I answered about goaltender decision and it wasn’t a hard one for us. That’s not a comment to demean Cal Petersen, because he’s a hell of a goaltender, but if there was ever a night we needed somebody that’s been there and done it, it was tonight.
On Mikey Anderson’s game tonight
He’s had a pretty young career so far, but we talk about Mikey like he’s a ten-year veteran. The way he carries himself, the minutes that he’s hauled and played, he missed a month, two months almost and he’s getting his legs underneath him. I think he’s gaining confidence, night after night and that has to be one of his better outings, I think that’s a good, accurate observation.



Subject To Change




Kings Injuries

Viktor Arvidsson
Drew Doughty (IR)
Sean Walker (LTIR)




Oilers Probable Lineup
courtesy of dailyfaceoff.com





NO Former Kings








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This is going to be the hardest one yet, because they're going to come out pissed with that home crowd raging after the last one.

We'll see if those kids have another gear or not.
Keep the same lines please. AA just isn't skilled enough to be in the line up
Thank you Nyssa!

I've actually got a game tonight and it might be the only thing that saves me from going crazy
Thanks, Nyssa!! These threads get me pumped up. I envy [MENTION=11373]jammer06[/MENTION]. I almost wish I had a game tonight to calm my nerves.

Let's hope the Kings roll the same lines and come out with guns a blazin' because as a TEAM we BEAT EDM every time. They'll try and create separation to split up the 5 man unit, but this time we know it.

Kane is already starting to snap, McJesus looked tired, Nugent-Hopkins was getting frustrated, and Leon disappeared the last game. We DID get to them. If we push hard from the drop this will be fun as we create pain off the rush, which, if Edm forces it, we'll have a lot of...

Go Kings Go!!
Crave for an early goal tonight to close down the fans. Then we play our game....


Kings have played well in the first period the whole series, but they'll need to once again. The first Kings PK, whenever it happens (and it will), will be very important as well.
Thank you, Susan et al!

This game is definitely winnable. The seeds of doubt have been sown.

Win or lose, I'm hoping for a competitive game. And it would be nice if someone took out the trash (Kane).

Thanks Nyssa!
Would be nice if Kane did something really stupid and got suspended for the next game.
Tied after 4 games in 1st round playoff is remarkable given the injuries. This is a success already, but lets go ahead and win the series anyway.
Thanks Nyssa for the thread!

Working tonight in La Canada Flintridge tonight so will be checking this thread and Twitter. Game will end before I get done with my rehearsal. Maybe that?s a good thing for my sanity.

Go Kings! Play your game tonight!
What a difference a game makes. I went from despair & despondence after game 3 to elation & confidence now. It’s best 2 out of 3 & if we do what we did in game 4 we can take this series. It’s not going to be easy, they’re going to push back. But I fed real good right now.

Go Kings Go!
Been working all day, so if there are any lineup changes, I didn't have time to find out. Also have my own game at 10:15 (no, not the same one as jammer....we're in different time zones). So might not know the final score before I have to step out onto the ice.

EDIT - AA in for Vilardi - here's the lineup

Zach Dooley
? 9m
Tonight's @LAKings Line Rushes -

Iafallo - Kopitar - Kempe
Grundstrom - Danault - Moore
Lemieux - Lizotte - Brown
Athanasiou - Kupari - Kaliyev

Anderson - Roy
Edler - Stecher
Maatta - Durzi


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I'm wearing my Gretzky silver and black jersey with the C tonight!

that scoreboard is insane in EDM - Cool opening montage thingy by Bally's, too.
Let’s go Kings!! You all need to need to bring Lizotte energy to this game! Shut up that crowd early
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I hope having AA on the 4th line simplifies his game as he is overmatched on the first line.
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