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Gregg's tactical decisions on players and formations in this match alone should be evidence that he should not lead Team USA. Abysmal decisions.

Sure Weah lost his mind and was as stupid as stupid gets, but this team should be able to beat Panama even down a man. IMHO, Weah should not start for quite some time.

Pepi is done, that dude should not have been in the match.

Basically, the US must beat Uruguay to advance. A very steep hill to climb.
Color me pessimistic, but I think the US is done.

If Gregg could not figure out how to beat an easier CONCACAF team, then I think his time here is over.
Just a few years away from World Cup with the golden age US team, and this is just not acceptable.
Yeah bad emotional moment for Weah, but going up 1-0 you have to at least get a draw. Didn't really like the 3 subs at half and going to a 5-3-1, and that shell you knew was going to get beat. And they mentioned 3 times at the start of the game how Panama was short handed.

I hear all the "Uruguay has won the group they'll play subs" etc etc. Um I watched their game last night and their subs may destroy us. They were toying with Bolivia.

I guess the hope is Panama gets tired and Bolivia plays hard for pride, and somehow Uruguay has a massive brain fart, but I don't see it happening. Nor do I see USSF doing anything about Gregg.

On a happier note - I'm going to Ireland next week and managed to snag a couple tickets to a Bohemians FC match in Dublin on 7/12. Stoked!
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4 wins in a row!
Smash them smurfs!

Get that goal, Cuevas!!

Clean sheet again….3 in a row!

Onward to the Rose Bowl!
Still bummed that the US crashed out of CopaAmerica.
Host country crashing out....ughhhh!

Still pissed that Gregggggg was signaling the score of the Panama match to his players on the pitch.
What type of bush league / rec. league coaching is that? Did he want them to bunker, take their foot off the gas?

He has got to go! This guy is poor tactically, and cannot manage rosters in a tournament.
Same guys all the time, running them into the ground.

USMNT will be horrific in World Cup if Gregggg is still manager.
Bet on it!
Vanney making bad lineups and bad subs again.

Why not start the same players you did for the 4-win run? Why change it now?

Puig playing hero ball in the first half was horrific. Bad passes and turnovers leading to goals. Puig’s fault. All the peeps saying Puig was watching the games and film while he was out….clearly not true. He’s back to doing Puig everywhere and all over the place.

When Puig is perfect it’s magic.
When he makes errors it’s horrific.

Should have started Fagundez.
How did Fagundez only get 12 minutes?!?!

A tale of two halves.
Vanney, why do you keep switching sides with Pec and Paintsil?!?

BTW, Paintsil was off this game, seems like his confidence is shot. I dunno.

Tough loss. I vote for this being the last Rose Bowl El Trafico. A home match should be “at home”.
Puig vs teams in low block = loss.

It was an earlier in the season worry about how to defeat teams in a low block, and it’s back again.

We destroy teams that play a high line with our counters, but we are weak against teams in a low block.

Puig running with the ball up the middle while our striker & wingers stand flat footed against the opposition line will fail every time.

Vanney has to figure out how to distribute balls to his speedy wingers.

Puig must be coached, otherwise I think Fagundez is the answer against a low block opponent.
Nice to get the win at home, but that was too difficult for what it needed to be.

Puig still running frantic, and leaving the G's exposed down the middle on counters when he misses on a pass.

Pec just keeps getting better and better.
Paintsill heading in the opposite direction....that dude has got to get out of his own head, and play for the crest.

Hope Dejan didn't blow out his hammies, because all the G's have is Berry.

Yammanne is killer on overlaps with Pec, the G's need to feed Yammanne the ball more often because dude can create!

Cuevas continues to impress.

Hot take:
The G's will ultimately fail because of Puig leaving them exposed on counters that he creates due to turn overs and poor passing giveaways. Puig is amazing, and quite the talent, but needs to be coached to be more disciplined. He creates as much as he destroys. Vanney needs to solve the Puig dilemma this summer, or the G's will be sunk in the fall.
Berhalter is official out!
That is a positive step for USMNT.

As for a new manager, they got to get on it quick.
I hear Jurgen Klopp isn't busy at the moment. Just say'n.
Berhalter is official out!
That is a positive step for USMNT.

As for a new manager, they got to get on it quick.
I hear Jurgen Klopp isn't busy at the moment. Just say'n.
Or pochettino? Henry?

Probably gonna end up with cherundolo
Welp, England "choked" again. ....but seriously, Spain was on a roll, and played a beautiful game
Southgate should be tossed, because England's individual player quality is much better than they played together. Under a better manager, they could have won it.

Argentina and the Messi dream gave the world another major international tournament win.
Savor it, because, sadly, this could be the last one with the GOAT.

Summer of soccer was incredible.

USMNT is such a disappointment.
Something about fans at those Columbia matches man... :) Heart breaking seeing Messi crying on the bench. But he's got his int'l trophies.

England put up a fight once they brought on some subs. I thought they just might pull it out but Spain was still the better team. Something about Cucurella just drives me crazy, but I can see why Spaniards love him.

Does US go after Southgate now? :) My gut says Cherundolo or Wilfriend Nancy
Good on England for getting rid of Southgate. I don't know who they should replace them with, but I do know that they needed to dominate matches better than they did. Their roster is just too good, for laying back, and passing back/side to side. They needed to put teams on their heels.

As for USMNT, I think Churundolo has the inside track, but I really don't know at this point who can pull off a re-work of this team in two years. I do know Gregg had to go, but he should have been dropped right after the World Cup to give the new manager adequate time for NA World Cup.

CONMEBOL is to be blamed for the horrible mismanagement for COPA....including the poor pitches, and security for multiple matches. Since this time around US Soccer did not run it, CONMEBOL appears to have gone for as much money as possible, so corners appear to have been cut.
According to Fabrizio Romano, Thierry Henry has the inside track for USMNT new manager.

He’s currently running France’s Olympics squad, so nothing will happen until after the Olympics, if it happens at all.
Top of the table in the West going into League’s Cash Grab Cup.

Paintsil playing the 9 is brilliant.
G’s look real good with him there and he plays it well.

G’s still helter-skelter defending on counters.
G’s keep winning, but can’t put in a full 90 minute performance.

Still undefeated at the Digs.

I couldn’t care less about the upcoming tournament. I only care about: Don’t get injured!

G’s up!

Marco inbound?!?!

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