***Toronto Maple Leafs vs. LA Kings GDT 10/29/22 >>4:00pm<< on BSW & NHL Net***

1 or 2

Vilardi, Kempe, Danault
Marner, Matthews, Tavares
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pts: 2 or 3

Kempe, Vilardi, Fiala

Marner, Nylander, Bunting
2 or 3.
Vilardi, Kempe, Danault.
Matthews, Nylander, Robertson.

Go Kings Go!
1 or 2 points for the D .

GWG :Vilardi ,Moore ,Kempe , Tavares , Brodie or Simmonds .
1 or 3 points

Vilardi, Moore, or Danault
Matthews, Bunting, or Nylander
2 or 3 D points
Kempe, Vilardi, Fiala
Matthews, Nylander, Robertson
2 or 3 points for defensemen


Thanks Susan!!!!!

No Cliffy or Muzzkill? Aw man.

I'm going with 1 and 4 for GDT Question #1 .

For the players scoring the GWG... lets go with.....

Leafs - Matthews, Tavares, Simmonds
Kongs - Kempe, Grundstrom, Durzi ;)

Let's hope this weird 4 PM start isn't similar to their typical 1 PM starts.
Thank you Nyssa!

3 or 4 points

Vilardi, Kempe, Danault
Tavares,Marner, Matthews
Thanks Nyssa!

Part 1: 0 or 2

Part 2:
Gabe, Kevin, or Trevor
Mitch, Austin, or Morgan
pt. 1 2-5

pt. 2 Marner, Kerfoot, Simmonds

Kempe, Vilardi, Danault
Excited to see Vilardi on the top line. Hopefully we can have one consistently great story to follow this year.
I will admit that I haven't watched much so far this season, but WTF are those jerseys?
Danault please stop with the no look drop pass
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