***Toronto Maple Leafs vs. LA Kings GDT 10/29/22 >>4:00pm<< on BSW & NHL Net***

This team should be called the Roller Coaster Kings. Crappy game, great game, crappy game, great game. I hope they can put a stretch of good games together on this road trip. I know it’s still October but can we officially say Vilardi is good & not just hot? In seems like he’s scoring & almost every game & they all look like beauties. And he looked great on that 1st line. I hope that Vilardi has a season like Kempe did last year.

I said in the other thread that Cal played well. It helps when the team plays better defense in front of him. I loved the comments that Coach Todd made saying we’ve proved that we can’t win playing a run & gun style. He was right & the team heeded his words.

On the uni’s I didn’t think the Leafs ones looked too bad, at least on TV. Except why did they say milk on them? And the Kings’ Dia De Los Muertes jerseys looked great. I would love to get one of those.

Go Kings Go!

That is the advert that the Leafs are employing on their unis. It is the Ontario Dairy Farmers logo.
Congratulations to the following posters who correctly guessed the defense would combine for 1 point and or the game winning goal would be scored by Gabe Vilardi :

Vilardi gwg
John a90
Dr. Tran
Busted Chops
Bill Hicks

What can you say that the Toddster didnt, much better effort, now do it again. Build the consistency. Bank the points.

I also had Vilardi, jammer.
Sorry folks was trying to do that fast on the phone before church
Can anyone explain to me why this game isn't available next day on ESPN+?
Sorry folks was trying to do that fast on the phone before church

Hi Jammer,

It seems that DRGinLBC shouldn't get a point for both because we were limited choosing three Kings for the game-winning goal, and DRGinLBC choose four (Post #16 ).
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