***Vegas Golden Knights vs. LA Kings GDT 12/27/22 7:30pm on BSW***

there is nothing more terrifying when I'm at the game than the few moments while the arena announcer (Trevor) is announcing the goal. Because we always suck during that time and have given up several goals during his announcements this season

Interesting observation. I agree we are not disciplined enough on D or puck control after scoring.
oooh....Drew just got away with holding the stick right there!
I don't know what they're paying that Copley but, whatever it is, isn't enough!
Honestly did not expect to be invested in this third... Yay
Anyone know when Kempe might play again? Haven't seen him in ages.
Pretty sure your question will lead to all 4 of them scoring

Hutton will somehow manage to score from the press box!!! Also...I think Jim was saying that AMart has left the game after blocking a shot...I had tuned out his rambling when they were showing a replay
When you have a top line with Amadio front a center, you know they have a ton of injuries. I'm not too excited about playing against six players that won't be playing in a month or so.
As long as we don't have any other former Kings that have not scored yet, we are good. GKG!
With this low of a score, have to say Kings have played very well against this Knights team.
Byfield remains inconsequential. Wonder if the kid will ever unleash his inner superstar?
Byfield remains inconsequential. Wonder if the kid will ever unleash his inner superstar?

Credited with 6:50 to Kuparis 5:39, but i know whose game tape is showing up in review as being effective
nice rush by Byfield. Until he got knocked down.
Him flubbing on that 2 v 1 was definitely the Amadio I remember!
some Old School Drew back there! nice! Edler with a really good game, too. His 998th game.
Ok, well, at least we got 2 good periods from our rested-up Kings. Now the guys who can't make a clean pass have showed up
Not a good night for the Kopitar line. Getting shut down pretty good
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