***Playoffs Rd 1, GM 2 GDT - Kings @ Oilers 4/19/23 on >>BSSC<< & ESPN***

6mins no shots. This is looking just like the start the other night.
Kings take time to warm up, that's all. ;)
Draisaitl may be one of the worst cowards on the ice I’ve seen. What a scumbag!
Great kill by the Oilers, unfortunately
Kings start this game 2 steps behind again. I don’t understand what it’s going to take for these guys to be ready when the puck drops and not wait until they’re down by 2 to get going.
Oilers way too fast for the Kings tonight. No urgency, be nice if the Kings could get a shot on goal before it is 2-0 but looks like that is out of the question.
The quicker the Oilers score on the PP gives more time for a comeback
Yeah, Jim, they could see that coming from outer space
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