***San Jose Sharks vs. LA Kings GDT 3/17 EARLY START 7:00pm on ESPN+ & Hulu ONLY***

First Goal
9:30 of 1st
14:25 of 1st
Last Goal
10:00 of 3rd
17:00 of 3rd
2:22 of the first
12:22 of the first

12:22 of the third
18:22 of the third

Thanks Nyssa!
4:20 of the first
8:30 of the first

16:00 of the third
18:00 of the third


1st goal
3:30 of the 1st
7:31 of the 1st

Last goal
15:29 of the 3rd
19:30 of the 3rd
5:41 of the first
18:25 of the first
9:48 of the third
18:01 of the third
Part 1:

5:33 of the 1st
11:57 of the 1st

Part 2:

10:47 of the 3rd
18:20 of the 3rd
1st goal
4:30 of the 1st
6:31 of the 1st

Last goal
12:29 of the 3rd
19:40 of the 3rd
3:20 in the 1st
7:25 in the 1st

14:45 in the 3rd
18:00 in the 3rd


PLEASE can we beat the Sharks just once this season?? And, like, by a LOT.

1st goal - 3:15 of the 1st 2:00 of the 2nd

Last goal - 16:59 of the 3rd OT

7:30 of the first
7:00 of the 2nd

7:00 of the 3rd
17:00 of the 3rd

First goal:
10:00 of 1st period
5:00 of 2nd period

Last goal:
12:00 of 3rd period
16:30 of 3rd period

C'mon guys, the season rests on these division games!!!
Winning this one and Saturday in Vegas are HUGE!!!!!!! If we get help tonight, & win these next 2, we can be up 10 points on Vegas in 48 hours!!!!
Time for the vets to impress upon the kids that their game needs to raise up a few notches and get a few goals.

02:00 of the 1st
05:00 of the 2nd

10:00 of the 2nd
17:00 of the 3rd
Tonight I am listening to the Kings game on 1330 AM KWKW accomplishing 2 things: 1. Listening to the Kings game and 2. learning how to speak Spanish.

Seems strange that they’re honoring Quick tonight, during a game only broadcast on espn+ and Hulu. Smart thinking, Kings
Thanks Nyssa! Wife doing well after surgery so can watch on computer tonight assuming Hulu cooperates...

First Goal:
2:30 of the 1st
6:58 of the 1st

Last Goal:
15:02 of the 3rd
18:01 of the 3rd

go Kings!
2:13 of the 2nd or 8:11 of the second 4:11 of the 3rd or OT
Pt. 1 3:59 1st, 12:18 1st

Pt. 2 2:27 3rd 19:02 3rd
Part 1: 05:00 first 12:00 first
Part 2: 12:00 first 12:00 third

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